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I had a request page before but life got in the way so I never got round to them :(
This doll hobby has really got me back into being creative like painting and drawing!

I'll be taking 4 requests at a time :3
Drawings will be full body and probably in colour.
I'll happily accept art trades; I love seeing other people's art!
I'm not so good at drawing boys: they always turn out really.. Weird.. So I'll stick with drawing girls, sorry!

Here are some examples of my most recent MH art:

My OC:


My OC: 


Art Trade:

I'll require a full detailed paragraph- eye colour, hair colour, hair style, make up, clothes, etc. Be specific! Saying 'she has a red dress and blue hair' is far too vague :p
and a reference picture, or doodles of specific details.
First come first serve :3

1) MonsterMenagerie

2) Riley

3) Zena

4) KraftyKitsune

1)Donut Seed:

2)Spongebob Squarepants:

3)Amanda (Ghoulia Yelps):



6)Lindsay Black:

7)Lailie Golem:

In light of recent events:
You may use my art as a profile picture/OC bio pic/background/whatever, but I MUST be credited with a note saying 'AthenaPower from' and a working link to my profile:
You may not use my art to make any real or online currency or money.
Do NOT claim my art as your own.
From now on I will be signing my work. Any attempts to remove this (via editing the picture) I will ask you to take it down at once and never post it again as it FRAUD.
Art theft is still that, theft, and I take it very, very seriously.
Don't give me any 'sorry I didn't know' nonsense, I have made it VERY clear and it will NOT be tolerated.
My art has been used without permission/credit, and claimed as their own, and I do not take this lightly. If you do not remove it when asked I will take it to a higher power or will even post a topic/discussion to make people aware.
Thank you.

Edited to add:
Please add detail to your descriptions. I don't need a whole life story but 'red dress' or 'blue hair' is far too vague.
I'd like details like bangs/fringe/hair style, outfit length/texture/pattern/motifs, shoe straps/laces/scuffs, skin details like scars/freckles/moles and more!
If you're not sure of what to details to add, ask me and I'll create a 'form' for you to fill in :)

Don't complain when your OC 'isnt right' and all you've given me is a basic description ;)
Now there will be a 3 day limit for you to give me the info for your request.
After those 3 days are up, your slot will be handed to someone else.

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Thank you :)


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