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I'm once again doing requests. I can do the following (Sadly I can only do female characters)
1) Pick a size
-Waist up
-full body
2) Pick how you want it
-Traditional style (Sketch with colored pencils)
Digital -Flat color-(It'll look like this)
-Digital -Shaded- (Only two at a time can be done) Open slots (2/2)
-Just a sketch
-Custom (Give me a suggestion and I'll tell you if I can do it)
I currently have (10/10) slots available (including both shaded)

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Ooo! Can I has one?
Ok. I want a full body Digital shaded drawing. 
Chelsea Shire:
Black hair with blue highlights.
Black fur with blue stripes.
A blue tanktop with black skinny jeans.
Blue high heels. The shoe is blue but the heel is black.
Okay this will be a good challenge!
Can I have a request?
Okay...I'm telepathic. ^,^

i want digital shaded and ill post a link on what i want it to look like


Could you do a waist up traditional style of my oc Anna Ectoplasm? She has pink hair with purple streaks hot pink make up a purple tanktop and pink skirt and red heels. Her skin is white and she has red MH skull earrings thanks

Can I have one? Please?

If so, I would Like:

SIZE: Waist Up

HOW I WANT IT: Digital -Shaded-

Thanks so much!

I'd like you to do my main OC Rayne Winx.

She has dirty blonde hair with blue streaks in it. Her skin is light grey and she has light grey cat ears with dark grey on the inside. Could you do her School's Out outfit? It's a dark blue tank top with a ribcage on it. On the Ribcage is a red heart. Here's a reference picture, if you want! :)

Her earring on her left ear is a red dog bone. The one on the right is a light blue bell. Rayne's hair is usually curly, but in this particular outfit, she has straight hair.

Thank you so much!

Sure thing!


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