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Hey everyone! New collector here, I’ve been watching the Monster High webisodes for a while now and buying the occational small piece of merch (pens, notepads, etc.) but not the actual dolls until now. Inspired by another doll collector – she’s quite famous and collects more than Monster High – I’ve decided to go in and start collecting Abbey dolls and occationally branch out into others.

At the moment I have a Coffin Bean and Music Festival Abbey and an Avea Trotter (HOW COULD I SAY NO TO HER?!). I plan to get the original Abbey next, then track down an original Catty Noir as I ADORE her colour scheme. Then more Abbeys, with Neighton Rot being the biggest priority ‘other’ doll and MAYBE a Venus and Robecca, though Venus is not my favourite character despite her lovely design.

My favourite monster? Obviously, ABBEY BOMINABLE! To be honest, I came into Monster High for Clawdeen, but I stay for Abbey. Her deep voice, brilliant humour (‘HA! I am winner! In your grill!’/’You two argue like baby yak at mealtime *bleating noises*’), lovely design, her positive bluntness (forcing a Crescent High and Belfry Prep student to dance to get the party going in Fright On!), all of that make her easily my favourite monster. Not a fan at all of the Heath/Abbey hints though, I honestly don’t think they’d be a good couple XD

I also love Clawdeen, Robecca is growing on me, LOVE the Cleo/Deuce relationship moments, I could go on. The webisodes are funny, clever and I am in love with the animation. I’m going through the catalogue of movies/TV specials and have seen ‘New Ghoul @ School’, ‘Fright On!’ ’13 Wishes’ and ‘Ghouls Rule’. I muuuuuuuch prefer the 2D animated features and really wish Mattel had stuck with that style rather than go 3D but oh well.

I agree with the sentiment that there are too many Werecats in the cast now, I am hoping for a Loch Ness Monster ghoul (C’mon, they can name her Nessa McLochlan, the last name being a twist on the Scottish last name McLaughlan. They’re even pronounced extremely similarly, the soft ‘ch’ sound is in both) since I’m Scottish, and … MORE ABBEY PLX.

So, that’s all!

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There is one coming out next year. Her name is Lorna McNessie. I like your name better though.
Really? *Googles*

... Aw, man, I am underwhelmed by her design :\ She really should be a dark green with purple tartan and dark hair, since ginger-redheads are rare even in Scotland (despite the stereotype). I hope her name is a pun; 'Lorne' is a type of square sausage in Scottish food XD
Lol. I felt the same way. Being a ginger myself my family has English background and the doll felt more English than Scottish. I also agree with the tartan. Hopefully they will make some changes to her tefore they release the doll.

I didn't know that about the sausage but that is funny.

I (naturally) disagree that she looked more English. Although Celtic blood has more than the usual number of people carrying the ginger gene, most Scots are actually darker haired. Eye colour varies hugely.


The tartan has 'Irn Bru' colours (extremely famous Scottish soft drink, often considered the 'other' National drink after Whisky. Almost every single Scottish person drinks it and it outsells Coke, it's an extremely Scottish thing) which amuses me hugely. I honestly want to email Mattel with suggestions on how to change her, since this bugs me so much! 'Lorne McNessie' ... C'mon, Nessa McLochlan is MUCH better!

Hello!!!!! Welcome! I am sure you will fit in perrrrrrfectly around here! Really great to meet you! See you around


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