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There would be a variant version of Venus Swim. Most of us have found a version of Swim Venus with the same makeup as Basic Venus. But someone found a Swim Venus with a makeup like the promo pciture and box art !

Info : Tumblr

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My B&N doesn't have any of these.  If someone can find me a green eye shadow'd Venus, I could paypal for her.  Please and thanks?
Condemned Beauty said:

I checked out my local B & N to see if I'd find Swim Venus with the Green Eye Shadow and I did find her. All the other stores have Swim Venus but with Pink Eye Shadow. Pretty weird though I gotta admit that I like both versions ^-^

The only difference that I found in both is the eye shadow color obviously but as well as in the serial number stamp on the back of the boxes. The Green Shadow Venus ends with HF2 and the Pink Shadow Venus ends with HF1. (Not sure if that means something) Other than that both boxes are identical.

I was very happy to find one Venus at Barnes&Noble tonight and even happier to discover that she had the green eyeshadow.

LOL! I've seen both together at kmart but didn't buy them, I think the one on the right is long gone form stores.

Thanks a lot of people wanted to see


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