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It's summer and it's all about romance! Oh and friendships, danger, secrets, and sweets. 


-It's Amanda, hun



-♥Nobo the Nerrrrrd♥


-Rayne Winx


-You CANNOT be a character someone else is using.

-You CANNOT control other people's Oc's.

-You DO NOT have to ask to join- just jump in!

-You CAN be your OC's

-You CAN be up to 3 characters (when you change character please use a new paragraph! It's so confusing otherwise!) 

I'm going to be Rochelle Goyle - (sorry to anyone who wanted to be her!) 

Rochelle sucked on a lemon drop. She loved Summer, the fun, the fact there was no school, (though she did enjoy American schools) the sugar you could consume without your parents yelling at you because they're too busy lounging in the sunshine. Yep, Summer was good. She sit on the sand on the beach, sucking her lemon drop thoughtfully. 

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((I'll be Charlie Fhtagn))

Charlie stood at the sea, his feet buried in the sand as small waves splashed against his lower legs. For a while he just stood there, eyes closed and just... enjoying the sea.

Rochelle stood up slowly and wondered down to the sea, where she saw a familiar figure. 

"Charlie! Mon ami! I just knew someone would be 'ere! How is your Summer so far? Mine has been fantastique!" Rochelle cried, with a touch of french. "Sorry, did I disturb you?" 

Charlie's eyes sprung open as he looked at the French Gargoyle, biting his tongue.

"Not really.... So far it's been rather peaceful. None of the ignorant newbies calling me a normie because I look like one, for starters."

"I know you're not a 'normie' as you call it. You are unique, interesting." Rochelle commented. She sat down one the soft, sandy beach, flicking pebbles into the water. "I love coming to zee beach. It is so peaceful. Do you understand? Many do not. They think zat the beach is for lost losers. I disagree strongly." 

"Me too. It's probably the only place I really feel at ease." Charlie said.

(( I'll be .....Zoey ))

 Zoey put her hair up in a ponytail before getting of the bus. She could feel the breeze the best time to go to the beach was right now. She saw her two friends, she jogged over to them and said " Hi " with a huge smile on her face.  

"Hey..." Charlie said, a bit weary.

Zoey smiled at him , she liked him ever since they met she froze and said " I like you ". Ughh what had she done , he wasn;t suppose to know that...

"Uhm, okay." Charlie said, raising an eyebrow.

" I am really sorry , I just really think your cute "....Zoey was now blushing . "

"Thanks, I guess." Charlie said, shrugging.

" That was weird "  Zoey said ...." Do you have a girlfriend ?" ...she put her head down .


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