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Hey guys, i thought since the list that was made for all the toralei spottings and sightings a few weeks ago, i thought it might be helpful if we tried that again for sweet 1600:




dolls purchased:


just thought it might help!  we're all in this togeather!

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Could someone CP me a dang Clawd 1600 doll? I can't find him anywhere lol

any sightings in nebraska, iowa or missouri?

If you look on the previous page someone posted that they found them in St. Louis.

Jenny Timberfot said:

any sightings in nebraska, iowa or missouri?

gosh kansas city get some sweet 1600!!!!!!!!!!!

well its on amazon in Minnesota....

where in florida can you tell me please!

Look through the list. One person said St. Petersburg Pinellas Park.

Abbey Abominable said:

where in florida can you tell me please!


 South Florida has them too. I didnt see any at walmarts or targets but Toysrus had them. Shop early in the day for best selection.


Ok, New update but ghouls you better act fast!!

Store: Walmart (North)

State/city: Rochester MN

dolls purchased: none, but I found a Sweet 1600 Draculaura in the returns bin today!  She's the last Sweet 1600 in the whole store.  I asked my supervisor what was going on with those ones and she said we aren't carrying them right now, but a little bit after Christmas the new mods set and we might be carrying more then.  It was probably shipped to our store as a tester.  I think the test passed with flying colors, they sold within the first day! (Ok, so I bought a full set, and that left a Lala and Clawdeen, both of which got bought by other people and then Lala returned.)


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