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Hey guys, i thought since the list that was made for all the toralei spottings and sightings a few weeks ago, i thought it might be helpful if we tried that again for sweet 1600:




dolls purchased:


just thought it might help!  we're all in this togeather!

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Algonquin, Illinois (This was yesterday)

They had all of the Sweet 1600 and 2 Spectras, I bought Draculaura Sweet 1600 for my daughter's Christmas present.


TRU (Army Trail Rd)

Bloomingdale, Illinois

Today, the store had several Spectras and all of the Sweet 1600 dolls (around 20 Draculauras and Clawdeens), less Frankies and Clawds (around 3 of each of those).

Also bought Clawd Sweet 1600 for Christmas.

Just saw sweet 1600 Clawdeen at TRU here in Tulsa, I passed on her, but they said they were getting a truck tonight, so i may try again....

ToysRUs in Wyomissing PA had at least 15-20 of the Sweet 1600 dolls plus about 5-10 Toralei's and Spectra's this afternoon. Even seen 2 of the Wave 1 Clawdeen's that people seem to be in search of!

Found ALL the Sweet 1600 at ToysRus

Grand Rapids, MI


Had an employee get a box down an open it for me.  Got Clawd and Draculaura! =)


Danville Va. Clawdeen, Clawd and D

From the multiple posts it looks every TRU is getting big shipments of Sweet 1600. 

Saw tons at TRU in Baton Rouge, LA. 

The Monster High section had been pretty much gone through, few of the other dolls but tons of Sweet 1600!


Mesa Az

S1600 Clawd & SkSh Ghoulia & Gil


New York City (specifically the one in Times Square)

Saw Frankie but didn't pick her up. There was a massive, multi-shelf display considering the size of the store, but I only found one of her and this was an hour after opening. I suggest getting there the second the Times Square TRU opens because of how ridiculously busy it always is.

So far I've only seen them at TRU

store: TRU

state/city: CA/Alhambra, Los Feliz, Burbank

dolls purchased: I purchased Draculaura, Clawdeen and Frankie


Eugene, OR

Had all the Sweet 1600

Store: TRU
Location: Twin Cities, MN

Had at least 5 or more of all 4 characters. No roadster though.

TRU website

early morning last weel saturday

only draculara, clawdeen and clawd were avliable, got those 3

you gotta be up at like 4 in the morning to find them lol


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