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Hey guys, i thought since the list that was made for all the toralei spottings and sightings a few weeks ago, i thought it might be helpful if we tried that again for sweet 1600:




dolls purchased:


just thought it might help!  we're all in this togeather!

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All four 1600 Characters

Store: TRU

City/State: Waldorf, MD

Dolls purchased:  Clawd, Clawdeen, Frankie, and Draculaura

Store: TRU

State/city: Corpus Christi, TX

dolls purchased: personally, none yet ( I DID see Clawdeen and Clawd when I was there Tuesday. Gonna try to buy Clawd and/or Draculaura Friday morning)

Southgate MI
Frankie and Draculaura :)
At TRU in Omaha NE They had ALL the 1600 series. Good luck to all! =)
Altamonte Springs, FL
Found two S1600 unopened cases. TRU sales guy was nice, got down a box for us. Bought only one, S1600 Frankie.
Hey, let's remember to let people find them for their kids! S1600 will still be on the shelves next year, but not every little girl will get them in time for Christmas.

Found in TX and Az?  I need to get my butt to a TRU!  I'm smack in the middle in NM.

all over in eastern va with extra cases on top of the shelves even!hope the roadster is this easy to find its on a couple Christmas lists at my house!

Store: Toys R US

State/city: Toledo, OH USA

dolls purchased: Frankie and Draculaura


As of yesterday around 7pm (November 30), they had about 3 Dracularas, 2 Clawds one Clawdeen and 2-3 Frankies.

Rockaway/ NJ

They had them all when I originally called but only had One Draculaura and One Clawd out when I got there. I got my Lala.


Albuquerque, NM


We have 2 TRUs in my city.  I went to the one uptown b/c it is closer to me.  There was a mom there with an Abbey and a Spectra in her hand.  She asked if I was looking for anything, and I said Sweet 1600.  She said that yesterday afternoon parents had seen a box on top with Sweet 1600 and bullied the employees into opening even though the employees said they only stock at night.  That mom had gotten herself a Draculaura.  A dad came by looking for Abbey, but there weren't any other than the one the mom had in her hand.  She said there were 3 Spectras, but the dad already had that.  I think the mom felt guilty and gave me the number to the TRU on the westside, which is on the very edge of town.  I called and the girl said there was 1 Draculaura and 1 Clawdeen, so I hauled my booty over there!  I was a little dissappointed because D will be for my daughter, but I wanted Frankie for myself, and Clawd for my son.  They had a nice score.  There were about 4 Toris, 2 Abbeys, 3 Spectras, and one of EACH Sweet 1600!  There was a mom hanging out there with an Abbey, Spectra, a couple of Toris and 2 Sweet 1600 dolls.  I guess she had been holding the Frankie and the Clawd when I had called, but decided against buying all of them.  She put back some Toris, too, while I was standing there.  I got all the Sweet 1600 I was hoping for!  I left the Clawdeen.  The mom asked me if I wanted her, but we agreed her clothes didn't look as good as the other girls'.


Westland, MI

They had multiples of Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen and Clawd. I'll be waiting until after Christmas to pick mine up. Good luck Moms!


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