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I logged in earlier today and had an immediate popup that I was suspended from the chat. I think I have used the chat feature maybe twice the whole time I have been a member. Why was I suspended and how did I do something when I wasn't even on the site because I was asleep?

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Did you try turning it off and then back on again?

Yeah, I can't do anything, I was actually suspended. Like I had done something wrong.

Yesterday i  was suspended from chat but never used it i was suspended for 24 hours and i am still suspended can someone give me an explanation please thank you.

I didn't JUST get in but today I was just chatting with my ghoulfriends and also got suspended.I didn't even say anything that might cause this...But i DO have a feeling of who it may of been that suspended me...not telling names though.

the same thing happend to me

lolalover:) said:

the same thing happend to me

(Late reply, I know.)
The same thing had happened to me. I hadn't even been using the chat function, and when I turned it on, I was suspended. I don't even know why. .-.

I got suspended for saying to be someone's friend even though it was not her business she suspended me!!!
There was this note saying that it wasn't the mods fault about suspensions, they were technical difficulties or something....

yeah i was posting a website and clicked enter it said post deleted

I got suspended for being 12.It's not my fault I am 12.It's just my age.

Every time i am on chat,i get suspended from the same person every time for being 8! Athena is so mean!


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