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Super excited about this line cause I might not be collecting too much MH now with this reboot. They look beautiful better then the stock pics. In person they are gonna be amazing. I'm really enjoying the more average shoe height that these dollies are bringing too. Makes them more adorable Left my favorite for last good old batgirl. Courtesy of Dollienewstumblr Enjoy.

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I saw the gymnastics & roller derby lines in store.

besides the molded on parts, they’re actually pretty cute.

just wish for more different characters.

Hello, C,

Which country? Which store? I have only ever seen the Gymnastic dolls in Big Kmart, and I have only ever seen the Roller Derby girls, and only RD Batgirl and one Target store! How much were they?  

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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