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Super excited about this line cause I might not be collecting too much MH now with this reboot. They look beautiful better then the stock pics. In person they are gonna be amazing. I'm really enjoying the more average shoe height that these dollies are bringing too. Makes them more adorable Left my favorite for last good old batgirl. Courtesy of Dollienewstumblr Enjoy.

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According to the DC Super Hero Girls facebook they are suppose to be on the target shelves feb 28 but most target just put the stuff out and other can be sticklers about it. But thanks about the special didn't know.

wow they are much taller than MH/EAH!

they are really nice, I hope we get Raven and Starfire added eventually.

Yes! I would love a Raven and I can't wait for a Katana.

Can't wait for these versions. They look good Batgirl bat ear headband is adorable. Though it looks like it's all painted on so I'm hoping it's some kind of budget line cause I would hate to pay $20 for paint outfits.

Got a new pick of those Super hero Girl dolls from Toyfair that their clothes are painted on. I hope these are cheaper.

There are more pictures on the Target corporate website, but they're of the action figures, not the dolls or the ones above.

Anyone find these in stores yet? On the shelves?


they are released tomorrow 

Actually according to some Target managers workers not until sometime in March when they do their reset. None of my local Targets have them in the back yet.


I'm been hunting them since the first week of Feb. Since someone posted their DCPI on the DC super hero girls facebook page. They had a ridiculous street date of Feb 28th for some strange reason. My husband was able to get me Batgirl and then he went back to the same target and they pulled them out of the system. If you asked an employee to look them up they come up but it say they can't be sold. Of course that could depend on the targets in your area. Some might not have them in at all I'm in FL. Today when target opens you should be able to get them.

still don't like em

Well, I was thinking about getting the Poison Ivy version.......but I don't fancy supporting DC as I'm even more brassed off with them than usual due to their "Reboots" (i.e., trashing by writers/designers fixing what was never broken), of a number of Hanna-Barbera cartoons which they should NEVER have been allowed near - just like they trashed so many of their own titles with their stupid seemingly endless reboots........anyway, the thing reminds me of Disney's version of The Little Mermaid title character - her and Prince Eric totally grind my gears............!!!!!!


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