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Super excited about this line cause I might not be collecting too much MH now with this reboot. They look beautiful better then the stock pics. In person they are gonna be amazing. I'm really enjoying the more average shoe height that these dollies are bringing too. Makes them more adorable Left my favorite for last good old batgirl. Courtesy of Dollienewstumblr Enjoy.

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theyre amazing! I love the actiony poses. Im not even a huge DC fan but I'll be picking up a few of these.


Those are cute!

I understand the need to cover them up a little more, tone down the cleavage and butt cheeks, and make them look younger, but was it really necessary to completely redesign the costumes? Supergirl and Poison Ivy look reasonably close to their normal looks, why the complete redesign of Wonder Woman and Batgirl's costumes?

I dont get what you mean by cleavage,they're all covered up to something that looks school appropriate.

I mean the design of the dolls needed to tone down the cleavage from their standard character designs in the regular DC comic books. Because they're dolls intended for young girls, I understand that design change.

Supergirl looks less creepy than her promos, she hasn't got quite such a constipated look on her face. phew.

I like a few of them. They're sorta... eh in some respects but I know husband will enjoy Batgirl and I kinda like Bumblebee's overall look.

I still don't understand this line when they had several teen super groups they could have done (teen titans ffs) but we haven't had any DC dolls for a while, DC seems to hate us cooty filled girls so I suppose they're throwing us a bone and it's not overly pink and frilly. I'm grateful of that.

I still object to the whole having to rewrite characters to "appeal to girls" when many of these characters were fine in their original continuity with the right writers, and I kinda resent the youthing of and the random shoving together of such an arbitrary group. An existing group would have been more sensible, young justice or teen titans or hell, my personal fave the Legion Of Superheroes. All teen groups fighting crime and being young.

I actually kinda like their costumes tbh. They're sensible and not overly girly nor overly sexy which is actually really refreshing. There was a brief period of time where a non sexist twit was drawing powergirl and gave her a relatively sensible costume but alas, DC exec stepped in, fanboys whined and bam, boob window was back *sigh* Freaking boob window, so stupid.

The non super powered characters really SHOULD be covered up in kevlar and such, like batgirl should actually be wearing lightweight armor because she's JUST a regular human getting shot at. A small swimsuit like costume just flat out makes no sense for those kinda characters. Diana well, it's nice to just see her wearing some damn pants honestly. I don't care she's invulnerable, her glamour model-esk outfits are there solely because it's "sexy". I fully approve of super hero ladies in trousers.

I'd like a few more characters for um.. custom purposes of course.. heheh. We're unlikely to ever see my favourite DC characters appear in dolly form or indeed in any media since DC seems to hate anything that isn't Green Lantern these days *sigh* and so i'd rather like them to do a few boys ahem. I SHALL make my own dolly super team bwhahah.

Anyway, politics aside (boo gender division, booo) the dolls themselves don't look too bad and it's nice to see them sticking at least mostly to original looks. They're all recognisable despite costume changes which I appreciate and there's no arbitrary pink and pastel tones which is a relief too.

I still think Kara looks a bit oddly starey and I don't like her one piece dress outfit thing, though I always felt shorts were more fitting for a character who FLIES anyway. Come on, what is up with flying characters wearing skirts? "is it a bird, is it a plane? no it's Supergirls' underpants!"

I kinda wish she came with glasses and a regular outfit, in fact, wouldn't it be fun if they all came with their regular person outfits too? heheh. I want, nay, I DEMAND boring day job outfits.

thats the only thing that kind of bugs me, is the mixing of adult characters with teen characters, they should have kept to actual teen characters like Teen Titans. But I know why they do it, they think that only the iconic characters will sell. Its like how Marvel has this new high school themed game app thats supposed to be Marvel Academy but the student are teen versions of Tony, Steve, Loki etc...instead of using the many actual teen characters from Marvel comics like the New Warriors etc... its really dumb but its all dictated by business unfortunately...

Must admit I loved the original incarnation of the Legion of Super heroes, (my fave DC characters, too)!!!!!!!!! and was LONGING foe dolls/figurines of them..........was not keen on the '70's costume changes for the most part and certainly didn't like the reboots which ruined it for me! So, if they ever did dolls of that team, I would only be interested if they were true to their "classic" appearance as they were when they first had their own title. 

           As for these, I'm quite tempted by Poison Ivy but would need to get past the resemblance to Disney's version of The Little Mermaid - a character which, while she looks good, I find extremely irritating!!!!!!!!!!! 


LSH dolls, no... but they did make DC Direct action figures of them in their Silver Age costumes, as well as a boxed set of 7 PVC figurines. Matty Collector had an exclusive boxed set of 14 action figures a couple of years ago, but those were the 1970s Dave Cockrum-designed costume versions.

I'm sure you can find them on Amazon or eBay if you search. I don't think they're that expensive except for the Matty Collector box set.

PS - I couldn't find pix of the entire series of DC Direct Silver Age LSH figures, but here's a complete list of the characters they made (these were released over a period of a few years, 2 or 3 at a time):

Cosmic Boy
Saturn Girl
Lightning Lad
Brainiac 5
Silver Age Superboy & Supergirl Boxed Set
Star Boy
Sun Boy
Ultra Boy
Chameleon Boy
Ferro Lad
Timber Wolf
Colossal Boy
Invisible Kid

I'm sure you probably noticed that notably absent from that list are most of the main female Legionnaires (apart from Saturn Girl and Supergirl):

Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel
Lightning Lass/Light Lass
Phantom Girl
Shrinking Violet
Dream Girl
Princess Projectra
Shadow Lass

Thanks for this! Yes, I did see a few of those in the original costumes in a comic shop, but didn't get any at the time. 


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