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Soooo, yes. Not the most terribly creative idea but it IS summer. ;p



You don't have to ask before joining, this is completely open.

Follow the site TOS. 

No god modding.

Ask before killing someone else’s character, should that come up lol.

If you want to talk in first person pleeeeeeease specify who you are speaking as.

Other than that I don't care what you do. 



It's summer! School is out! Some crafty boys and ghouls have gotten together to organize a party of sorts to celebrate and everyone at Monster High has been invited! It's to be held in a clearing in the middle of the woods near a stream. There are various decorations strung throughout the trees surrounding the clearing and some tables under the trees as well, loaded with various refreshments. Bringing your own is encouraged, of course. Attendants are expected to be arriving at dusk and a bonfire will be lit shortly after the guests have arrived. Feel free to mix, mingle and play some games, if that’s what you wish.



I’ll be my OC Memphis.

Feel free to post!

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Envy Bites (My randomly named 20 year old vampire.:)
 I walk up to the bonfire wearing my black tanktop, black short skirt, and black high heels with spikes. I quickly put my black hair in a pony tail and brush some into my face. At the bonfire, I see Memphis. "Hey!" I say. I knew students well, because the teachers let me hang out and help in classes.

((I'll be Charlie and Alexander.))

"I still don't get why you dragged me here...." Charlie muttered as Alexander pushed him towards the clearing.

"Oh come on! You never get outside." The Incubus answered. "This will be fun, promise."
"Why do I doubt you can keep that promise?" Charlie answered. 

"Hey Adriane and Reece." I say smiling. 

"Pushed, dragged. In any case, he forced me." Charlie said, crossing his arms and glaring at a grinning Alexander.

"I'm here to see who comes and help around the place, like at school." I say. "Hey Alrxander." I add.
"Envy, or Rnvious. I hate the bam. Envious, don't know how I got that name. If you want your head ripped off I suggest you call me Envious, but we can be friends. I grew up behind that old building by Walmart alone. I was almost killed but luckily lived." I say.

"Hi! For those not in the know. This here's Charlie Fhtagn. He doesn't come out much." Alexander said, wrapping an arm around Charlie's shoulder. "I'm his best bud."

"More like you're my only one...." Charlie muttered.

"I wear goth clothes because it's so scary cute! My favorite are the black heels with the spikes." I say pointing to my shoes.

((I'll be Scott and Ashlee. When I say "I", I mean Ashlee... present tense FTW XD ))

I run over to the fire, Scott following.

"Sorry we're late. Are we late?" I ask as I sit down.

"There's barely anyone here, of course we're not late." Scott says as he sits down beside me.

"So.. what's going on?" I ask a girl in all black (Envy) next to me.

"O....kay." Charlie said, still akward.

"A bonfire, it will start when more come." I say. 

"I know it's a bonfire." I say, smiling. "But... let me make this simpler, what are you talking about?"


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