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there is a secret staircase to an old secret room underground. its very old. on fridays and weekends, you can go through the door, but you cant go out, due to a magic spell a witch teacher cast hundreds of years ago to punish the students she didn't like. the room is dark. there are a few candles on the wall, but they need to be lit. there are 4 dusty, old chairs. there are 2 old sofa's. there is a shelf with a few very old books on it. there are a lot of cob webs in the corners. the walls are painted dark red. rumors are, the witch used to murder humans down there for fun. there is a closet. it is locked. rumors are there are bones in it. can you survive a weekend in there?


no escaping till the weekend ends.

no teleporting

no killing other ocs

read ALL the other comments before you comment

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((Wow, I haven't checked this RP in forevor.))


Electra had fallen asleep on the couch, and was now waking up. "You overly-sensitive... people." She muttered, rubbing her forehead. "Shut up and stop crying."

"ok lets get some rest...or at least i will"
*keeps sobbing*
*sighs then lies down*
*keeps sobbing*
falls asleep later and has a wonderful dream
aliena starts murmuring
she roles over


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