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there is a secret staircase to an old secret room underground. its very old. on fridays and weekends, you can go through the door, but you cant go out, due to a magic spell a witch teacher cast hundreds of years ago to punish the students she didn't like. the room is dark. there are a few candles on the wall, but they need to be lit. there are 4 dusty, old chairs. there are 2 old sofa's. there is a shelf with a few very old books on it. there are a lot of cob webs in the corners. the walls are painted dark red. rumors are, the witch used to murder humans down there for fun. there is a closet. it is locked. rumors are there are bones in it. can you survive a weekend in there?


no escaping till the weekend ends.

no teleporting

no killing other ocs

read ALL the other comments before you comment

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*tiffany was walking and sees an old door. she opens it. there is a long staircase. she walks down it. there is a door. she goes in. its pitch black and the door will not open*

tiffany: someone help!!!!!

((i dont have a picture of her. tiffany is a franken monster. she a purple eyes and a scar over one of her eyes. she has long/median lenght brown hair and always wears her silver headband. warning: she is a brat!))
tiffany: amanda? is that you??? pleeeease be someone popular....

Nikki Chupacabra said:
i will be nikki

((may I be in this? If so I'll be Belladonna. This is her picture:

The one in red is her))


The door opened and Belladonna was pushed in into the room. "Woo hoo! And Nightmare Begins.." She mumbled. Tiffany's eyes widened, "Why is everyone here? WHAT'S GOING ON?!" She cried. "No bloody Idea how I got into this mess." She went up to the door and tried it, "It's locked. Well no way out now" "Perfect, just what we need." Janie said sarcastically while filing her nails

((no controlling other people's characters))


tiffany: the door wounlt open! i cant see anything! *crys dramaticly*

((Could I join with Jeffrey?))

"Hi there!" Jeffrey, who stood in the doorway, said, waving with one of his four arms.

"I heard a noise down here, so I decided to check it out." Jeffrey said, entering and closing the door behind him. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Sorry...." Jeffrey said, fidgetting a bit. "Didn't know that...."
"Might as well make our selves comfy.." Belladonna said, pulling out a book ((sorry NAC, I didn't know I couldn't. I won't do it again :) ))


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