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Stories and characters - (unless stated otherwise, odds are that a character is up for grabs)
Rapunzel - Nyla as Rapunzel, Bardrick as the prince
Godfather Death - Alexis as Death, Syri as the doctor
Cinderella - Kora as Cinderella
The Little Mermaid - Celsey as the mermaid
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - Charles as Aladdin, Maibe at the princess whee name I cannot spell
Beauty and the Beast - Willow and Jace as Beauty
Red Riding Hood - Dawn as Red, Admon as Wolf
Sleeping Beauty - Armena as Rose, Dolan as Prince
Snow White - Espella as Snow, Aaron as the prince
More to be added

The Wild, the very essence of fairy tales, has escaped and is growing again. Will you get stuck and forced to play its story game? And, if you do, will you get out before the "Happily ever after..."?
Well, I've been reading Sarah Beth Durst's 'Into the Wild' and wanted some RP. So, I thought "Why the hell not?"

Ask to join (unless I know you and talk often, then you're good)
I am a grammar snob, so please use it
Use as many OCs as you can manage.
And all other basic RP rules apply, though, as per usual, I'll be lax on the language XD

Pertaining to fairy tales, use whichever one you want/can find, though itd be easier if we didn't all have different stories.
Oh, and after the ending of the story, you lose your memory and the story starts over again, though you can trigger the memories.
The Wild can trick you into a story eventually, unless you know your way through fairy tales. THOUGH, I must add, once you're in a story, you can't sway from it. You won't be able to avoid biting that apple or climbing that tower. You're unavoidably compelled to do it.
I think that explains that. Any questions?

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"You let go of your dreams of being the Overlady or are you just not as into them?" Syri asked, fingering a blonde curl that fell across her shoulder.

"Nu... you can't expect me to take over the world myself," Al said, with a grin. "But hey, saving the world from crazy diseases one at a time? Challenge Accepted. And more chance of taking over the world."

Syri shrugged. "Taking over the world as a doctor would seem like fun." She smiled.

"And surprising," Al added. "And a whole lot of other stuff," she glanced over at the distance, where she could stop a faint view of a village, and even further, a large cave.

"Many things," Syri nodded. "The word 'insane' may be applied in some cases."

((It is official, this RP is now on life support. I'm leaving it to you guys to keep it alive XD))

((Noooo! Not life support! Quick, someone, moisturize it! I I miss the start of the second story? T_T))

((Not really, Feli. XD Syri and Al are just discussing taking over the world or getting lots of money.))
((You did, Fel, you did. Syri and Al were discussing a plant.))

((Er, how can I rejoin? Sorry I've missed so much, been studying.)) 

((Bump? I really want to continue this RP. It seems fun and whatnot ^^'))


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