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Hear us out, Mattel. You have been driving us CRAZY!!! All we want is TWO torsos in the create a monster sets, and at least one in the little sets! We love your ideas, alot of us have contributed over $100 for your products, so hear us out Mattel, GIVE US MORE TORSOS!
If you agree with me, speak your mind! I certainly love these and all, but seriously, I'm tired of it. I love them, but not getting them at all if they just give you 2 girls, and ONE torso. It's straight up WRONG.

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I am so dissapointed in Mattel for the cheesy packaging of the create a monster. At least make torsos that match the rest of the doll. Not including torsos for all the heads is an epic fail! A PINK dragon??? Really?

O MY GOTH U GUYS R SO RITE! /('.')\ puppy face

Hi, I totally agree with all of you and if they aren't gonna include thighs and upper arms, they could at least make the doll's clothing cover those areas as well. At any rate, it is unacceptable! I think we should all go to southern Calif. to their headquarters dressed up as our favorite Monster High doll and picket in front of their money grubbing, non catering to their customers, establishment. If there was enough of us, maybe it could even get on the evening news! 

+1 for TWO torsos per pack.

Its not fair. In the Monster High standards, if you spend 30 on a doll you get TWO COMPLETED DOLLS WITH MATCHING PARTS, not ONE DOLL AND A BUNCH OF RANDOM PARTS! Seriously it would cost around 45 bucks ( a kit a doll and a wig) just two be able to build the two dolls in the pack. The thing that bugs me the most is that they made four monsters you have to spend a fortune on just to get. PLEASE MATTEL! PUT A TORSO IN EACH PACK FOR EACH MONSTER!! ITS NOT FAIR! THINK ABOUT THE POOR KIDS YOU SCAMMED!!  (now that Im  done ranting Im mad)

I agree with you Monster High Girl, but no one has commented on protesting at their company headquarters. Why not? Is there not enough people in the area to go there? Another suggestion for anyone out there is to just go to ebay and buy the cheapest doll you can find (around $12 or so) or just get one of those Dead Tired dolls and use the torso from that since the torsos in the Create a Monster kits don't match one set of doll body parts anyway. I wish I would have done that. I was dumb and crazy and purchased many sets to make all seven dolls. A fool and their money are soon parted :).... which is what evil Mattel is counting on. First they destroy the MGA Bratz line and now these types of evil torso misering shenanigans. Still I am a whore for any doll that is truly cute and the Monster High dolls are definitely cute, so I'm giving my money to Mattel.....

they are coming out with the mummy and gorgon and the ice and blob monsters they are gonna come with 2 torsos and 2 wigs im not sure about the add on packs but thier for adding on to the original torsos but i do think they should come with torsos.

They sell the torso packs in the US.. Seems the UK always seems to lose out and if we want the parts have to pay ridiculous shipping fees or pay stupid prices by those who can get hold of them and sell on ebay!!!!

Fangtasia said:

I really hope that Mattel puts a second torso in the pack! Or maybe they could make torsos to sell by themselves. So if you wanted you had the choice of making the whole monster!

at my local target I saw the two first starter packs with two torso why did they just not do that in the first place I mean seriously mattel!

Now a little kid would be creative and just mix and match but serious collectors want to make two complete dolls to display nicely now they fixed the regular packs but the accesory packs are still so uncomplete and they took a step backward with the lab add ons I mean they are so much fun but you just get random parts!!!!!


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