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Guyz. Jeez louise! How much r ya gonna charge for CUSTOM MONSTER HIGH DOLLS On Etsy!?

You guys have NO idea how it feels to know you're never going to be able to buy them. So, please, lower the prices. PS: I am not trying to be mean.

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they work hard on them. i think the prices are that way because of the work they put into the dolls.
well it could be true but it probaly depends on how long it took its not as easy as it looks

I think they're fair, especially the more detailed ones. Like not a cat said: they work hard on it. Not to mention they not only have to buy the doll, but also other materials, the manhours put into it....

Maybe it's because doll collecting is actually one of my CHEAPER hobbies (You know how much the average Video game costs? And let's not discuss the hardware.) , but please.... this just sounds.... well, petty. Just save up money if you really want one. I don't know your age, but I'm going to assume you're still young. And even if you're older, the saving-up-money stint still applies. Be patient, save up your allowance/salary/money.

Umm, I'd say they're reasonably priced considering everything. On average, I've seen them go for $45-300 dollars each, but let's look at why and add it all up.


1. The doll itself - this can cost anywhere between $10-25, depending if you get something like DT or Basic to customize.

2. Hair - I know for a fact that rerooting can become expensive. About $5 buys you enough hair to reroot anywhere from 1/2 to 1 full doll, depending on how much you use for each plug and how long you want the hair to be. Also, if the person needs various colors, they need to buy individual packs of each.

3. Paint - I don't know much about this part, but I have heard acrylics work best. The cost of this would be determined on whether the doll is getting a full body repaint or just the eyes/mouth and such.

4. Clothes - A lot of times, the sellers make new clothes to go with the doll to make it even more personalized. This would mean they need to buy the materials and make sure they fit the doll.

5. Sculpting Clay -  Some of the best customs have had parts remolded, like wings, ears, horns, hooves, hips and chests, etc. to make them even more unique. Again, clay (or whatever they use) cost money.

6. Tools Needed - sometimes the person invests in costly machinery or tools to make their customs. For example, the reroot tool cost $15 for me. Another tool used is an air brush, which from what I understand is a bit expensive.

7. Details -  it's simple; the more details you have, the more time and materials it took to make it.

8. TIME - This is one of the biggest reasons they're so costly. It takes time to create these beautiful works of art. It can take hours just to reroot one doll, and more time to sew clothes and repaint. Also, these artists had to take the time to plan out and design the dolls.


If you look at what the cost is and what goes on behind the scenes, you can see why they go for so much money. And why shouldn't these people get paid for their hard work? I'm not saying this to be mean, just stating the facts and what I know. And for the record, I love the customs I see but I highly doubt I'll ever buy one (because of the price and I'm broke). I think a wise idea is try to learn to make a custom doll yourself. Don't be afraid to mess up; it's part of the learning process.

AJ!!!!!! I'm so so sorry guys. My COUSIN posted this discussion.
( And, Krafty, I'm allowed to make customs, if i dont ruin the dining room table-long story.)
On price alone, the doll will cost up to 20, the hair will cost another 10.
Paint, brushes, any other supplies, ka-ching.
Sewing skill, if you do clothing?
Please. Doll clothes ALONE can cost a lot.

And then, on top of all this, every site you sell through will charge a percentage of the money earned.
So profit? Even on an 80 dollar doll the profit isn't that high.

Tell your "cousin" to be thankful for how cheap they are, and if they quit whining and start actually saving their allowance your "cousin" could probably afford one.

But you know. Imaginary cousins and siblings are a good way for young people to cover up when they KNOW they did something stupid.
just imagine if you took hours making clothes, dying, repainting and sculpting and sold it for $2!!!!!!!
Maybe when you have your own home and own job and your own money, maybe you'll be able to buy them.
Considering how much bills and rent can be, not really.

December'sColdest. said:
Maybe when you have your own home and own job and your own money, maybe you'll be able to buy them.
Depends on the job...

Hearty Tarts said:
Considering how much bills and rent can be, not really.

December'sColdest. said:
Maybe when you have your own home and own job and your own money, maybe you'll be able to buy them.

Guys,thank you. I am now saving $$ for one. 

Megurine Luka :)


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