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Stock photos of the Casbah and Oasis!

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As always love Spectra and I am also very fond of this Cleo! Wish they had a better pic of Spectra from behind the table, I would love to see her entire outfit. That being said, I wish these were separate dolls and not with play sets! Grrr...I guess I will have to patrol Ebay once these are released so I can have just the dolls. Also just an observation, and while I would never turn my nose up at another Spectra doll. Don't you think Hoylt would have gone well with the Spectra play set since he is a DJ and all? We see him behind the turntables a lot on the cartoon episodes. Just a thought...

I think Holt isn't market friendly which is why we don't see more of him. Like I imagine the only reason he's so expensive now is because he's a boy. With him being so different it makes him harder to push IMO however I completely agree on the music end. It just makes sense.

Hurry up and take my money!

I like this spectra, but I don't want to purchase this entire set to get her.

I'm so confused as to how Spectra is now a DJ. Poor Holt.

What is with that second pic of Cleo
Where is her neck??
Why is that hairclip now on her ArM?!
how rediculous I'm buying it and all of this no matter what but please

None of these dolls/playsets really do much for me, and I'm kind of glad about that haha.

The Casbah and Spectra are both gorgeous! The Casbah is so intricate and complex O_o I wish I had toys like that when I was a kid. I am still wondering why Spectra is the DJ and not Holt, like everyone, but at least she is gorgeous.

Cleo's Oasis is gorgeous as well. I pity the Cleo in the pictures, but she is really beautiful.

Whattt you guys want only spectra without the casbah??? B-b-but the casbah set can be hooked up to your mp3 player and play music!!! Isnt that cool?
By the way are these going to be exclusives?

Ha ha!  I thought the same thing!!

Her Monster Highness said:

It may sound silly but the Rock the Casbah set is much more appealing to me when it's closed rather than open I'm consistently fascinated by how cleverly the sets fold up.
Thank you so much for linking the pictures!


bakemono said:

I'm so confused as to how Spectra is now a DJ. Poor Holt.

The Casbah playset looks so cool! Have to agree with you guys about the confusion of Spectra being a DJ (I guess we'll find out in the special), but she looks great rocking those cans so I'll go with it lol.


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