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This set is adorable! Love the art and the trim on their lab coats. Can't wait to see Heath and Abbey.

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Oh, I need this set. Now. Ghoulia is way adorkable, and Cleo is divine!
They should totally re-release lagoona in a pack like this with Gil and their egg and gargoyle baby and all.

Cleo looks beautiful! wish you could see her shoes though.

I love the purple streak in Cleo's bangs! But overall I'm more excited for the Ghoulia in this set! I love her dress, the face looks promising, and that's some great hair! With Cleo I'm more excited for her Scaris and Swim playset dolls.

Given the scaris two pack has stands, I would be surprised if these didn't. I think Mattel's listened to the fans anguished wails of "nooo stands!!!" lol.

I can't wait for this and the I Love Fashion Scarah to come out. Although I liked Cleo's makeup better in the toyfair photo.

i love these.. all of this will look great in the high school playset
i cant wait to see cleos pink hair in person

I'm fine with the recycled stuff, and hey if it means helping to keep the prices down I'm even more for it!  It only bothers me once in a while when there's something that just doesn't fit, like Cleo's pyramid belt on Spectra's fashion pack.  Now GB Clawdeen's shoes done in silver in that same pack, just awesome and work even better on Spectra!

Triumvirate said:

I noticed that too, but I'm not overly bothered by recycled accessories myself as they still continue to make vastly more new accessories rather than just repeatedly using old ones. I just wanted to encourage you that these looked like a new shoe mold. 

abbclawgoona said:

You're right, they aren't from that mould (cool), at first glance I thought they were, so used to seeing recycled things lately.  Ghoulia's Scaris shoes (love those) are being re-used however in the new I ♥ Fashion? Shoes? (whatever it's called) Clawdeen.


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