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This set is adorable! Love the art and the trim on their lab coats. Can't wait to see Heath and Abbey.

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Wow nice, I wish I could understand German it looks like these are for sale already,, hopefully they'll hit the US SOON.

oo interesting. Looks like Cleo has the pink in her hair after all. It's very dark though. How random.

I LOVE Ghoulia's dress, it's freaking adorable. And her little headband eeee.

Now hurry up with pictures of the other set website hahaha.

Every single thing about Cleo is perfect. I wish I could see her shoes :)

And the trim on their lab coats is lovely.

Gasp!  It is even better than I expected.  Best set EVER!  This will totally make up for me not being able to get a Wave 1 Ghoulia.  She is at least as  cute as Wave 1 Ghoulia.  I adore the shoes, and the personalized lab coats.  Cleo looks beautiful as always.

Can someone post a picture on here if its allowed. I can't currently see it because tumblr isn't working for me at the moment. Thanks!

This set can be pre-ordered but it is supposed to be shipped in August, I think they 'll hit US before

Onlyalisa said:

Wow nice, I wish I could understand German it looks like these are for sale already,, hopefully they'll hit the US SOON.

probably the first ghoulia which has made me think "wow i want that ghoulia" cleo great as always. come on uk toy r us stock them soon!!!!!

I searched "Monster High"'on that German Website listed and it said on the stock pictures of Picture Day Frankie, Operetta and Lagoona 4/2013, the GNO dolls 7/2013 and Mad Science Cleo and Ghoulia 8/2013. Also basic Toralei was on there and it said on her stock picture "New 2013" and the same on Wave 2 Clawdeen. Kinda weird about the basics but I can't wait for the new dolls :-)

lol @ second period, love that!  The accessories are darling, looks like the tables are going to be cardboard, wish they were plastic, that would have been great to add to the high school or just to display.  Love the trimmed lab-coats, are Cleo's lab goggles supposed to be like tortoise-shell? cute.  Guessing Cleo's shoes are recycled as Gholia's are from the comic club mold.

Nyan Forever said:

So cute! Ghoulia already has a classroom doll, so I guess this is second period XD that's just my weird sense of humor. I love love love this Cleo! All the accessories are darling,

AH! They look great! :D So glad to see Ghoulia in a science lesson, so happy to see yet another FABULOUS Cleo!

Now, stop teasing us and bring on the Heath and Abbey pictures ;D

I checked that site yesterday and this set (and the other as well) was not listed, so, maybe this site will be updated soon with abbey/heath set photo,.I am just wondering if it is worth pre-ordering them....

I wasn't planning to get this set but now that I see them I'm adding it to my want list, so cute! Love both this Ghoulia and Cleo, the accessories are cute, love the purple in Cleo's bangs.


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