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Parents: Jack the pumpkin king

Killer style: My princess dresses! they are so killer! Plus my pumpkin braclet

Freaky flaw: When i get pumpkins from the pumpkin patch i cant pick the pumpkin up! Its really getting me mad

Favorite food: pumpkin pie!

Fave color: orange and black

Pet peeve: People who dont like halloween or obey the pumpkin king known as my dad. In Halloweentown (where im from) everyone dos that but in monster high not everybody does.

Fave activtiy: sing while i (try) to pick pumpkins.

Pet: A black crow named Howie. I love him so much!

Bffs: Sara,Abbey fang,and opretta,

Fave subject:phyiscal deaducation i have to get fit so hopefully i can finaly lift the pumpkins!

least fave subject: Mad science. Just cuz the teacher is mean!

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oh ok.

BrandyPantz said:

Love it! II


(Smiley face)

thx i tryed my best! sara is coming soon then bonnie boogie

Abbey Bominable said:

Love it! II


(Smiley face)


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