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idk if everyone saw : P

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Where did you find this?

scroll all the way down

Witchy said:

Where did you find this?

Ok thanks.  I wonder if they will put them on for that price in Canada on the 13th... right now the few Walmarts that have put them out before their "April 13th Street Date" have them priced at $9.98.

clawdeena9Official said:

scroll all the way down

Witchy said:

Where did you find this?

My walmart had them in the clearance section when I went the other day, guess they saw the price and thought clearance not promotional item.  

Kmarts site,when she's on there,also lists her for $4.13?. I went to my local Kmart one day last week when I saw her on there and it said in stock at my local Kmart. I called and the lady I talked to looked and said they didn't have any. My daughter and I went anyway just to make sure and when we asked a worker why the site said they had her in stock another worker overheard and went in the stockroom and found a box of six Frankie's. Score! I asked how much she was because I thought the price online was probably wrong and he told me $4.13 or whatever the price was but I know it was $4 and some change. For that price I bought all six. I gave four to friends for their daughters and one for mine. I have one left I'm hoping I can trade with someone who has or can get a doll I can't get.


There are straps on her shoes that hold them on her feet. Not sure why there are no straps on the picture above??

ninjapanda said:

How are her sandal/heels still on her is the straps aren't around her toes

My Walmart had about 20 boxes of her just over a week ago.  She was only $4.13 like it says.

My Wal*Mart only had 6, and the other store near me hasn't had any yet.


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