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Semi open because anyone who is my friend can join, not just anyone out of the blue

Okay so I know I've been boring lately but this will be different!

Our OCs on a field trip to an unexplored mountain, it's said to be cursed. No one really knows what's up there . You guys get to add details yourselves!

I shall be Sabrina and Andrea, haven't been them in a while

Sabrina sat on the bus next to Andrea. "Why did we have to go to this lame cave?" She asked. Andrea simply shrugged and looked out the window at the mountain range they were approaching "WHAT WAS THAT? DID YOU SEE IT?" Andrea jumped up and pointed out the window. "I could have swath a saw something black move behind the bushes" she said "it was probably just a plastic bag" Sabrina yawned. But Andrea was sure she had seen a dark ghostly figure fly past

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"Is your magic unlimited?" Asked fern
"That's just seems unnatural" said Prizm
((For those who don't know, Prizm and Fern are both sorceresses))
"Here" fern held a boiled egg in one hand and a lemon in another "Somebody, anybody suck a lemon or an egg"
Well I am glad you like it nessie "I say"
I will have sum sundried tomato & pesto pasta "I say & eat"
Yes I can make lots of spells a one day "I say"
Dig in everyone "I say"
"No, I mean I can do magic as much as I want whenever I want. But I cannot just snap my fingers and make food float around in the sky. I can snap my fingers and make some food drop out of the sky in a basket though" said fern "Are you one of those witches from Oz or something?"
Meybe,I don't know where I am from I was left on a door step when I was just a baby and found out I had magic powers and went to a school for socerory.when I was 7 "I say"
"Good for you!" Fern congradualated
"like hogwarts!" Kat cheered "or spellmore" said Sabrina "we totally own you at chirlvorkz!" Sabrina nudged fern in the arm
Yeah my school was awesome it's name was "spellcast academy" I say
I always got an A+ on flying a broom "I say giggling"


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