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Semi open because anyone who is my friend can join, not just anyone out of the blue

Okay so I know I've been boring lately but this will be different!

Our OCs on a field trip to an unexplored mountain, it's said to be cursed. No one really knows what's up there . You guys get to add details yourselves!

I shall be Sabrina and Andrea, haven't been them in a while

Sabrina sat on the bus next to Andrea. "Why did we have to go to this lame cave?" She asked. Andrea simply shrugged and looked out the window at the mountain range they were approaching "WHAT WAS THAT? DID YOU SEE IT?" Andrea jumped up and pointed out the window. "I could have swath a saw something black move behind the bushes" she said "it was probably just a plastic bag" Sabrina yawned. But Andrea was sure she had seen a dark ghostly figure fly past

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((Yes do indeed))
(Hey can I join ;} )
((I suppose so))
(Ok thank's who want's to start?)
((Okay I'm starting))
The bus pulled up to a small shack on the side of the road where there was a faded old sign that's read "BEWARE OF THE WALKER OF DARKNESS" below it was a smaller sight that's read "BEWARE SMELLY PORTAPOTTIES AHEAD" and yet another sign that's read "trail starts here" Sabrina and Andrea got off the bus along with the others and walked to where the signs were
(you said I could join so here I am!I'll be Shane Shaun and Volcanica.))
Volcanica got out and looked around. "I smell ghost."said Shaun. "Spectra will slap you if she hears you."said Shane. Shaun grinned.
"I don't thinks spectra is here, only the excelled science students got to come" said Sabrina
"Hey lets follow the stream instead" said Sabrina pointing tea nearby creek "are you sure?" Asked Andrea "a little adventure will be fun!" Insisted fern from behind "Since when are you in excelled science?" Asked Sabrina "since I snuck on the buss with you nerds this morning" fern replied wiling her nose
"we can hunt along the way" said fern walking upstream
Shane and Shaun followed the group. They went exactly "popular" around these people. "Hunting?"asked Shaun.
"No I mean,why hunting?"Shaun said.
"Were gonna stick with tomatoes. We're vegetarians."Shaun said. Shane nodded and handed Shaun a tomato. They sucked the juices out of them,until they were white.


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