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It's been a topic in chat a few times, so I thought it would be appropriate to make a discussion about this.

Manny Taur, as you can obviously tell at first sight, has a special mould. Big and bulky, slightly wider waist, snout, etc. I can't help but wonder... Could the cost of production of Manny (due to his very big mould) effect us seeing Manny dolls in the future?

What do you think? Don't you think it'd be a let down, especially for people who weren't able to purchase the SDCC exclusive pack?

(I am, however, 99% certain there will be Iris dolls in the future.)

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I don't think we will see another Manny. I think SDCC is when the creators play with new ideas and experiment and don't necessarily make dolls that they intend to release wide. Kinda like how we never saw another Hoodude. Additionally. Manny's facial mold is very limiting. You can change his clothes, but the head would be the same every time. He doesn't have glasses like Deuce to differentiate himself. His physical size also limits shelf space for him. He would be a different box size than all the other dolls which would mean special accomadations and spacing. I can't imagine retailers would like that.

'm not convinced we'll see him again. He's just too awkward. his size makes production expensive, he needs unique clothing which takes twice the fabric (seriously, his shirt is enormous) and the costs just add up and up. Coupled with the fact he's a strange looking character who may not neccisarily appeal to little girls.

He's just an awkward size and shape, so yeah.. can't say we'll see him again. Least not any time soon.

Iris i'm certain we'll see again.. lots and lots of her.

I'm thinking if they make another Manny they will put him in a 3 to 5 pack so they wouldn't need to change the box much i can't see him being sold on his own. He's a cool doll but my guess they will use him to sell a mutipack. My guess that it will most likely be a 5 pack with yet another new character along with Manny.

I say we have a very small chance of seeing him again I agree with Thrifty they will put him in a pack, a 5 pack is probably right, if he does come on his own my guesses will be a budget line but a highly doubt that after the Slo Mo ruckus, but it's probably more than likely going to be a 5 pack, I do hope they do make another one though I fear I won't get him and Iris I never had a big chance of doing so to begin with so this could be my only hope and of course everyone else who didn't get the chance.

I say even though manny is physically the bigger part of the 2014 SDCC exclusive I think it's just a promotion for iris mostly same thing with hoodude and scarah we've never seen another hoodude he was just an awesome release to promote another new female character. No doubt 2015 will be iris' year
Pretty certain we will never see him again in doll form. He's just too big and expensive to produce.
Unless Manny moves schools,he's definitely coming back,even if its in an expensive pack.
If he doesn't then at least we'll see his body mold again.
In Iris' diary Abbey mentions her brother "he is like Manny"
Is all I can remember but from what I understood they should have the same body mold,if we ever get to see Abbeys brother.
Am sorry,must have caught cold.
(Just as something I forgot to add,I really hope Manny's sister has a muscular body mold it would be hilarious,after all we got Avea and Wydowna why not a body building girl?)

I agree that manny can return for a second hit.

It is only my thoughts, but it is possible that monster high has the money for another manny next year, it is not the small franchise from 4 years ago and for sure could be an exclusive and not produce him so much for all the stores, example, like Triumvirate said, be part of power ghouls only for target, or an 2 or 3 pack. Monster High had developed so many ways of packs and distribution , this one could be a new one.

Has Minnie even been in a MH Webisodes? As far as I know she's only been mentioned in a Monster High book, which doesn't exactly line up with Canon. While I believe Manny's sister would be awesome, I wouldn't expect a doll of her unless she debutes in a Webisode or special at the least.

another_monster said:
Hmm. Manny? Power Ghouls?
That would be hilarious bahaha.

Triumvirate said:

I believe he'll be back. Monster High Facebook had a post back I believe before Christmas that suggested that Power Ghouls is not over yet - that there is more to come. I'm thinking 2015 may be a return of Power Ghouls and Manny will be in that line.

I dont think we will see him again, as its been mentioned before he will like hoodude with scarah. I think the cost of production in ALL aspects (mold size, clothes, box) and add on the fact that this is still a range aimed at small girls (i cant see many wanting an action man sized bull) would far out way retail profit. I have two small nieces who collect mh aswell and my msnny and iris pack arrived on wednesday so i showed them both the face one of them pulled literally set my opinion in stone. Im 100% positive however we will see iris again next year, wuite poosibly in i heart fashion form to carry on the trend with scarah and wydowna.


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