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Hey everyone! On a trip to Walmart today, I seen a first edition classic Spectra! I looked throughout the aisle, and found It was the only one like it (No other classic dolls either) and wondered if anyone else knew if it is a re release, or maybe an oldie put out they've been storing in the back?

Has anyone else seen some classic first waves coming back?

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If the logo on the box is just an uncolored outline, then it's an old box back on the shelves. It happens sometimes. Just this week a swedish friend on a facebook group found basic Ghoulia in the old box.

To know if a doll it's a re-release logos help. Uncolored outline it's until 2011 - colored logo it's from there after

A few weeks ago I went to Target and I found a basic Abbey sitting in the back of the bottom shelf and I nearly choked from gasping so loud, Lol. I was trying so hard to contain my excitement but it was nearly impossible because she was the very first Monster High doll that I wanted. Her box was beat up but I didn't care because the doll itself was in great condition minus the fact that her elbow had popped out of place. The joint wasn't broken though so I was able to pop it back in without having to take her out of the box. Ever since then I've been making sure to dig around when shopping just in case I missed any of the older dolls.

My sister and I found plush Deuce and Frankie several weeks ago on the clearance shelf.  I'm guessing they found them in the back, because looking at the clearance stickers, they were marked with a 2012 clearance date.

it's amazing what store may have hidden in the back, just want to climb in and dig through it all to find something amazingly old and rare, I hope this will happen often for everyone even though it's probably a very rare thing to happen, it's just nice to find a surprise in the stores.

I found 1 wave Ghoulia Dead Tired in Walmart in NC 1 month ago. The box looked old and the phone wasnt there. But was only 12 dollars and i took it right away. I guess the doll was sitting somewhere in storage for a long time and somebody found her and put on the shelf. I was lucky just to be there.


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