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Spectra is in stock as of this moment for $14.99 on Amazon. I never order a doll so fast in my life :)

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Spectra Boo,

she's back and I just got one.

Good Luck!

She's up again. I'm tempted but I think I'll hold off, the US/Canada face just doesn't look like Spectra to me. Good luck to anyone else looking for her though! :)

she's here! the US face sculpt is very disappointing but eh, at least i have her clothes

I got her from Amazon and was really disappointed in her face. So I bought the international version off ebay and she is sooo much prettier. I just love the international one!

I wasn't going to buy another Spectra, but this one got me. She'll end up being a different character for me but she was a must have doll. I really like the screening on this doll. The translucent skin thing is lovely and really works with her. She looks so different from my first one though that it's not hard at all to rename her and just consider her to be someone else. She doesn't look a whole lot like Spectra to me, but this case that's a good thing because I can just make her into someone else. The Haunted Draculaura looks very different to me too. I got her too but she's going OOAK, I think because I don't need a 3rd Draculaura.


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