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So yeah as the title says I. Sort of off hiatus, ill be on more often to looked friends pictures and read some topics in the forums but I'll probably never be as active as I previously was. It's been a while since I've last been on often. I'm still writing the sorcerers challenge, I'm not really gonna talk much about except maybe to a few really close friends, I don't want to spread so much to the point that people could plagiarize my work easily seeing that once I finish writing it we may look into copyrighting and publishing it. So who knows in a few years you might own a copy of my book. So for that same reason I probably won't be posting anything related to the sorcerers challenge, Miranda, Wednesday, eveline, or anything and anyone else that is related to the book. I'm still debating whether or not to delete the SC stuff I already have posted or at least change the privacy settings. As for my OCs, those of my OCs that have relationships of any kind with other people's OCs and you know so you are, those characters are probably not affected by this, but if you are wondering please ask and I will straighten things out. If I owe anyone art (like a request or half of an art trade) please let me know as soon as you can so i can work on that and finish it fast. As of 6/5/13 I won't really be active for the next two weeks, but next week I might have a few free afternoons so you never know.

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