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There hasn't been any news on what's coming after Garden Ghouls/Monster Families. Usually the year is planned out. It just stopped at Collector Abbey. Has anyone heard anything?

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aside from more baby dolls and rehashed playsets, looks like it's winding down. Honestly, I don't think MH will survive the year. time perhaps, to start finding a new franchise to collect?

This is really sad :( but probably true. Even more sad because there is literally NOTHING on the market that speaks to me in the same way MH does/did. 

Heck, there's barely any fashion dolls on the market as is...yet alone anything as creative and fierce as MH once was. I really hope something new and exciting comes along soon :( 

Practically everything I've loved over the last six years is dying or dead...

Monster High, Ever After High, Bratzillaz, novi stars, zelfs...even Winx is becoming boring now that we only have the European dolls which are decreasing in quality and detail year by year. *sigh*. 

I just really hope this means something cool is just around the corner :(

yes I think the whole supernatural doll craze is dying out now sadly, look how bad Star Darlings and Spacepop failed it was much to late to jump on the bandwagon, Bratzillaz and Novis dyed pretty fast but they might have something to do with the quality, I'm not really into Winx that much I did try but it just couldn't stick with me, they don't look all exciting and interesting, the new regal academy dolls look a lot like winx dolls but some of their dolls don't look too bad but I don't see them lasting don't even know if were getting them.

I got my eye on a few lines but I don't know what's gonna stick, DC Super Hero Girls I think is already not doing so well it seems, they are dying over here and they might not last that long but they are not bringing enough new characters already they are shying away from bring out basic signature dolls and they haven't done many, blackfire in a 2 pack with the same starfire that you can buy separate is just a bad move, Enchantimals are cute enough but I'd also like something regular doll sized, and it all depends on how well the line is gonna do, Ku Ku Harajuku is not gonna last another line if the dolls don't hit other countries they haven't made it here, there is forces of Destiny there is hope for that line and also the wrestler dolls hopefully the UK will get them so I am hoping maybe more than one line to collect as my number one, but I am still gonna collect the same way regardless of what is no longer around.

but something will stick there will be something else no matter what, I really hope Bratz come back, it will be boring if it's just Barbie and Disney Princesses we need something more so hopefully something will stick.

I agree, this is terribly sad.
I was watching the review of the School Spirit Draculaura and Twyla Two pack the other day (The Doll Circle) and honestly I can't understand how Mattel could do something so terrible to Monster High. It is heartbreaking. The dolls are terrible in every way.

It is the same for me, there's nothing on the market as creative, inspiring, fun, amazing, original as G1 Monster High, no other franchise I want to really collect. Yesterday, I picked up Viperine from a carboot sale. I never bought her at the time because I thought she was ...too pink (!!!) To be honest, she amazes me, pink or not! So creative! I would have never believed she looked so great out of the box!
This is what I do now. I toy hunt in car boot sales. It's amazing what you can find for pennies. And I bought my first two Zelfs for peanuts! And 2 reboot Bratz with no clothes and feet so I can finally make good use of these Lovely Argos Fashion packs! (Yes, fashion packs but no dolls, silly!)

I would be terribly sad to see Monster High disappear but at the same time having to see these terrible new releases is becoming exhausting.
Time to move on and I'm sure there will be plenty of MH dolls hardly played with to find in car boot sale in the future.

Im ok with it going, I have a bunch of other brands I need to catch up on:



DC Superhero Girls

Hasbro Elena of Avalor

Disney Store dolls

and it looks like the Descendants 2 dolls are doing well. I was having a hard time finding them in stores. I only just today found them restocked at Target.

Yeah it is sad, but the reboot was terrible.  I am starting to sell off some of my collection on Mercari now.  I will only keep the ones I love.  I am under MissStarStealer on there if any of you want to check it out.  

Well, I think we can go ahead and consider MH officially closed for business. It's now September and there isn't even one plan for 2018. I think we've gotten everything we're going to get.

good bye Monster High, see you in five years(hopefullly.)

btw anyone think this forum should be restructured as an all dolls forum? Like, have a section each devoted to different doll lines:








I guess it depends on what the site owner wants to do..

anyone know of any other good doll forums/sites? I cant seem to find any that are really active.

I thought there were the ballerina dolls coming out?

yeah there are ballerina dolls coming out

Don't forget the new Howleen and Alivia Stein.


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