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I'm pretty hit and miss with my Monster High customs...I'll go months without working on one and then churn out two or more in a week.  I do really enjoy doing them when I've got the motivation though!  So I thought I'd share some of my customs, I've seen some other really great ones posted on here...I'm trying to be more social in the fandom.  Slowly but surely, maybe...haha.

Whenever I DO manage to get one finished they go up for sale on my Etsy store...Kattmint

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Amazing work, you are very very talented!!!

aw man. I didn't see this until today & someone already got pink kitty. amazing work.

Wonderful work.


Thank you! <3

Oh I love what you did with the CAM bee!

I love them; they're so colourful!!

They are gorgeous!
Can I ask, what hair did you use for the 3 eyed ghoul?
I use Tibetan Lambs hair on my customs but I like the thicker look you achieved. 

Thank you! <3

As for hair, when I'm not using the original or a wig, I use mohair locks. 

I LOVE the 3-eyed ghoul. She is amazing!!


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