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I'm sure there's probably been a post regarding sightings for MH dolls in Southern California, but being that I'm new and didn't find a thread wanted to keep us connected and informed locally.

If you come across any new or hard to find MH dolls in LA/OC feel free to post what you're finding and where/when. Also if you're looking for a certain MH in the area post it so the community can help. I recently started collecting and have been to several TRU and Walmart stores and seen many dolls. Glad to help if you're hunting a specific MH. I'm looking for any of the boy MH dolls plus any other stores that might stock them besides Target/TRU/Walmart.


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Saw a Neighthan at Justice today. Still no Billy
I found a whole bunch of Abbey and Ghoulia Sweet Screams today.

They also had all the new Freaky Fusions, even Neighthan, and Scarah. XD It looked like they one box of each since there was only one of each doll. It definitely seems like restock week. :)

and the Scarah will be everywhere, right? not just at Target, Im assuming

There has been no mention of Scarah being an exclusive. Amazon has stock photos ready for when she eventually arrives to them. So she should be available everywhere eventually. :)

collectoons said:

and the Scarah will be everywhere, right? not just at Target, Im assuming

Toys R Us in West Covina had a few Manster 2-packs, the fusion ghouls, and the new CAMs.

I used to collect the dolls only, until the last month when i happend upon a free playset. Very late to the playset game since i now want art class & home ick. Anyone happen to see them in the OC area? I know I can order them online as a last ditch effort.

Anyone still hunting Mansters there was a full case on the shelf today at TRU, as well as Inner Monster. Also saw FF Scarah at target. Haven't seen any of the new target 5 packs in OC yet.

Checked WM last night did not see any save Frankie dolls out.
Ok I haven't been on here for a long time so idk if
These are new but I found 10 of these at my
Toys R Us 2pack of Gil & Deuce
I saw the Save Frankie dolls this morning in garden grove but alas someone already nabbed the sole Jackson :(

If anyone is considering buying the Creepateria and Student Lounge playsets, Target in Puente Hills is selling them for $5.60 each. I don't know if it's a glitch in their system or something but other Targets in the area have them for $21.99.

MikeyC, Bakemono and everyone in here thank you so much for helping me in my hunt now I'm back in Mexico and thanks to you guys I could find Neighthan yay!! He is so cool, I was so happy to look at every target walmart justice and toys r us, you are so lucky guys to live there I was speechless to walk into the stores and see so many toys, I go two times a year to SoCal and every single time I'm there I love it but this time was my first to hunt for monster high boys and I felt like you guys when you re looking for new dolls I got so excited and all this thanks to you.... I wanted to buy more boys but I couldn't find the manster pack, the new 5 pack, invisibilly or dexter because I couldn't drive I have to ask for a ride to my family members or take the bus so I only went to the stores near my area, hope you have better look than me in the search for monster high guys by the way I was wondering if I can trade with you if anyone is interestered I can buy for you catty,Gigi,twila newscaresemester or I <3 fashion wydowna and if we trade I will do free shipping I will make a post on the buy or trade section so please let me know because I really want more mansters... Here is my pic of my handsome Neighthan he was the only one at target and he was perfect... Thanks again guys
Vik, glad you found him. I will look at your trade post and see if I can help with some others.


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