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With X-mas just a few days away... what MH gifts will there be for you guys under the tree??

Or is it still a mystery??

For me there will be a DoTD Lagoona!!!

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saw toralei at walmart.........way to many hints about saying maybe in that "duh this doesnt mean maybe,it means yes" sorta way.

It's true though!

Samantha Knapp said:

Lol that seriously made me laughXD

Sally Centaur said:

My mom won't tell me ! She said if I find them I will get some farts in my stocking ... I got a strange family

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Its morning here in Holland, just opened up my Lagoona!!


Have fun opening up the pressies!!!!

Merry Christmas! It's the middle of the night here but I'm just glad I'm finally finished with work. Luckily I have Christmas day off. Yay!

I found the classroom Frankie and Ghoulia under the tree this year! It was a luxury goods and MH Christmas this year, and you can't beat that!

I got the electrocuties count fabulous and the mix match pets in my stocking :) and a 3D MH puzzle which was pretty neat.

My bf couldn't find any of the CAM sets but atleast he tried ^-^ He said he would still get it for me if he ever finds it. So I had a great christmas!

How was everyone elses? 

I got the Fearleading 3-pack (i wanted that Ghoulia!) and Home Ick Frankie, because I love to sew. My little girl too many MH dolls! She also got the big SDCC Ghoulia tote bag to go with her doll and the little fashion sketch set, which she loves.


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