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With X-mas just a few days away... what MH gifts will there be for you guys under the tree??

Or is it still a mystery??

For me there will be a DoTD Lagoona!!!

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Pretty sure my mom ordered me a Toralei off amazon.... she's been dropping SO many hints,

Lagoona!!! I'm not sure if there will be more but I know there is at least that one.

Skull Shores Ghoulia and Abbey, Toralei, and SO Frankie Stein.

I actually bought two of them (SS Ghoulia and SO Frankie), my mom bought SS Abbey for me as a christmas gift, and my buddy bought me Toralei...the same time I bought her a Toralei. xD

I just can't/won't open them until Christmas. They're all wrapped. :)

Well I know I'm getting SS Gil and Lagoona( I'm paying for part of them but, I still have to wait until X-mas to get 'em) and I got my sister sweet 1600 Clawdeen, so I know that's waiting under there too^.^  Oh plus my brother is getting PANTS. How exciting is that?? 

P.S. Hes not just getting pants lol C:

Me, I'm getting $200 to do the hunting myself. Thanks grandma.

Every year I have a budget of €300 to buy my x-mas stuff.So This year I got....


Dawn of the dance Lagoona and Ghoulia

Classroom Lagoona and Frankie

Sweet 1600 Lala,Frankie and Clawd. :)

I know these gifts because my mother bought them in front of me, but it was only because they are somewhat hard to find. Gil, Toralei, and a new Spectra (My stupid IG ate her...), That's all I know of.

I think most of my daughter's is Monster High. Here's what she has so far, I started Christmas shopping in October.


DotD Deuce

Fashion Design Stetch Porfolio

1st Wave Clawdeen

SO Clawdeen

GB Clawdeen

Soccer Team Fashion

Swim Team Fashion

Abbey's Fashion

Draculaura's Fashion

Ghoulia's Fashion

GB Frankie

Clawd & Draculaura set

Make-Up set from Walmart

Day at the Maul Frankie & Draculaura also the Fashion Pack


WereWolf & Dragon kit

She got her Ghoul Spirit game early for the DSi. Hopefully I haven't left anything out, but like I said I started early & wrapped them the moment I got them. So it's kinda hard to remember all that me & her dad got.She has a Skull Shores Abbey coming, hopefully it will get here before Christmas. I also have SS Ghoulia & SS Lagoona hid in the closet for her birthday coming in January.


I don't know what I'm gonna get for Christmas or Hanukkah because it's a surprise. ;D

my mom got me gill from walmart, toralei FROM WALMART AND A ABBEY SKULL SHORES from Justice!... whoops!!!!!!

And we saw a Dotd Ghoulia at dollar general for $20..... when i asked the second time i went back she was acting like she was hiding something so maybe Ghoulia.


I put the Clawd dolls on my list... not sure if I'll get them though. I had the DS game on there, but I took it off after reading reviews... :/

My mom won't tell me ! She said if I find them I will get some farts in my stocking ... I got a strange family


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