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With X-mas just a few days away... what MH gifts will there be for you guys under the tree??

Or is it still a mystery??

For me there will be a DoTD Lagoona!!!

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I'm not getting any MH stuff as far as I know, I mainly asked for Disney stuff. ;)

Pft, no one's getting me any dolls >.>

The family considers me "too old" for that. But I'm getting money from some people, so I can buy some for myself :D

There's a bunch I want so it'll pretty much be a matter of what I can actually find...

My husband cycled for an extra half an hour after work to two toystores in another city to get the Home Ick Frankie doll, my mother in law is going to give her to our daughter Gwen, she will be thrilled!!!

I don't know what I'm getting exactly but my hubby wrapped 6 MH shaped boxes last night.  I know that some are from him and two are from my grandmothers that he bought since they can't get out and shop much and don't know anything about mh;  and I know that my aunt and cousin are getting me something but no idea what.  My hubby gave me Toralei early for a pick-me-up present (I lost my mom 6 months ago and I was having a bad day) but I think that I'm getting two of the Sweet 1600 dolls and some of the SS dolls, not sure which though.  Got Ghoulia's plushy from my friends and have asked for Spectra and Abbey plushies but don't know if I'll get them.  The people who I knew would try and find mh and pay attention to the list of ones I wanted I asked for mh but everyone else I just asked for money and figured I'd take that and buy the dolls I didn't get later :)

I hope she does. LoL I love Monster High too so I guess that kinda help. My husband joked that I was g etting everything on my Christmas wishlist. lol

FrejaSashe said:

Wow, your daughter is going to have an awesome Christmas. :D

Tabitha said:

I think most of my daughter's is Monster High. Here's what she has so far, I started Christmas shopping in October.


DotD Deuce

Fashion Design Stetch Porfolio

1st Wave Clawdeen

SO Clawdeen

GB Clawdeen

Soccer Team Fashion

Swim Team Fashion

Abbey's Fashion

Draculaura's Fashion

Ghoulia's Fashion

GB Frankie

Clawd & Draculaura set

Make-Up set from Walmart

Day at the Maul Frankie & Draculaura also the Fashion Pack


WereWolf & Dragon kit

She got her Ghoul Spirit game early for the DSi. Hopefully I haven't left anything out, but like I said I started early & wrapped them the moment I got them. So it's kinda hard to remember all that me & her dad got.She has a Skull Shores Abbey coming, hopefully it will get here before Christmas. I also have SS Ghoulia & SS Lagoona hid in the closet for her birthday coming in January.


I too started shopping in October (that's the only way I can afford to do things like this.  The Monster High stuff my daughter is getting:  Clawdeen's bunkbed

                 Lagoona's hydration station

                Draculaura's coffin bed

                 DOTD 3 pack

                Spirit Squad (?) 3 pack

                 Toralei, Abby and Spectra (all basic)

                 DOTD Ghoulia

                Draculaura's and Abby's school fashion packs..

                 The game for the DSi (sorry, her big brother bought that one for her and I can never remember the name)

                and last but not least the iCoffin phone... As for me, it's my birthday tomorrow and my son bought me a Wave 1 Ghoulia, so I get that tomorrow, yay....

LOL. That is exactly what happens with my mum. She once forked out around $100 on dolls.

Helena Bolt said:

My mom said she's learned her lesson with rare toys, and when we spot them we buy them.

Gil and DOTD Deuce !

they are lying. but i hope you do have a good christmas

Violet Fox said:

My parents said that I'm not gonna get anything for Christmas :'(

im so excited
im getting

ss abbey and lagoona
CAM accessory packs 3 eyed and insect(i already have all the others so i can make them)
lagoona hydration station

and maybe some others

oh yeah and the vanity!

I hope my bf  gets a clue that I want the werewolf & dragon CAM set -_- Probably not since for one, I don't think he takes my hints very well and second (if he did) they are a little pricey at TRU but just MAYBE he'll find them at walmart :) then again I just hoping he has the clue of I want..haha 


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