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Snippets From The Life Of a Sarcastic Vampire. (Updated Apr. 8th)

So I've been writing lately, not anything grand or epic.  Not even anything with an overarching plot line. 

Just brief little scenes with my OC's and the MH cannon cast.  I thought I'd share them with you anyways.  I'll be updating when ever I have a new one.  But for now enjoy what I have.



So quick little thing I wrote a while ago when I was all RPG obsessed, I don't think Jake and Nos have every really talked outside of this.  I also think Jake might be a touch to casual for his usual self.


He already had complaints from two kobolds and a beholder, they did realize he wasn't running a Dungeons' & Dragons game didn't they?  Being the head of a gaming club was so much more work then he expected.  Especially since the nature of Monster High meant he couldn't use half the monster manual.  And now Nosferina had joined his Steampulp campaign.  So he'd have to rewrite things, maybe, at the very least he'd have to talk things out with her.  If there was someone you didn't want to offend it was the seventeen hundred year old vampire.  

"Hey Nos."  Jake said addressing the vampire conversationally.

"Yes,"  came the sharp response.  Was four syllables just to much?

"Right, sorry Nosferina."  Jake apologized, Nosferina was weird and formal and he kind of liked that.  Her thin black lips twitched upward in faint smirk of approval.  

"Is this about game night?  I told you my basement is infested." 

"Yes, but not about that, scored a classroom.  No I wanted to talk to you because I'm having some trouble with the villains."  Jake finished his cheerful tone faltering for nervousness.  

"Use vampires."  Nosferina said casually.  

Jake paused, spending a moment silent.  He hadn't been expecting her to say that.

"Do not worry about offending me.  I know the place of me and my ilk in Victorian literature.  Besides, we are terrifying when we want to be."  She smiled briefly exposing a flash of fangs to drive the point home.  

"Awesome, thanks."  He grinned back.  This was going to be a fantastic campaign.


So I wrote these for Valentines day, and entirely forgot to post them, like how the first two turned out, not so sure about the third.  Enjoy.  


It was a very pointy roof Jake had chosen as his thinking place, but still he managed the precarious balancing act it required to sit on it, staring up at a vast and star filled sky, a rare frown clouding his face.

Another Febuary rolled around and he was once again quite alone.  He didn't mind entirely, Jake had friends after all, but he would have liked to have someone to take out to dinner, some whose feet he could sweep out from under them.  Even Griffin had a date this year, although he expected that was pity, or some form of mutal agreement between the invisible boy and Nosferina.  They'd probably have fun, spend their night mocking the people with the audacity to actually enjoy the saccarine holiday.  Jake expelled a sigh, his breathe visible in the late night's cool air.  

No, this wouldn't do, no skulking up on his rooftop like some hermit.  He needed a date, not a love interest nessacarily, he couldn't whip one up so short term.  Just someone to spend the day with induldging in chocolate and flowers and dancing and candlelit dinners.  He sprung from the roof in one fluid descisve motion.  Alighting on the edge of his bedroom window, jumping inside, then dashing to the phone, ending his little sprint sprawled on his bed number already dialed.  

"Felicia, you free Saturday?"



Nosferina Orlok was not one to bow to peer pressure, but she wouln't ignore a challenge either.  And that was precisely what De Nile had issued.  She skulked through the school hallways with a purpose, pallid fists clenched, black nails digging into her skin.  To be honest she wasn't sure how the topic of her love life had come up, except that Valentines day was almost here.  So romance was all anyone thought about ever.  One day she'd have to have a talk with Draculaura about the cursed holiday. 

Nosferina may have started it, just some off handed cynisism the Cleo had taken personal offense to, and suddenly it was an argument, and Cleo had said Nosferina couldn't get a date, and Nosferina had snarled back she could if she cared but every boy in this school was a waste of her time.  

And it carried on like this until they made a bet.  And now, now Nosferina needed a date.  

Of course she could get a date.  She just didn't want one.  At any rate, she had a plan. 

"Griffin."  She snarled, grabbing the invisible boy's attention out of whatever book he was pretending to pay read.  He jumped.

"What?"  It would be a lie to say there wasn't some hesitation in his voice, Nosferina looked angry, not that he'd done anything.  But she was kinda scary when she was angry.  

"We are going to the valentines dance together.  I assume you are free."  An order, not a request.  

Griffin quirked a brow at Nosferina, the quizzical look on his face thankfully unnoticed, was this a joke?  Or was she asking him out? Just how was he supposed to take this.  

"Actually I was planning on staying in, watching bad movies, laughing at the people in them and eating stolen chocolates, are you asking me out?"

"If it is inconveinent I can find someone else."  The commanding tone softened slightly.  Clearly she'd missed his sarcasm.

"No, no it's fine, I'd rather mock people with you then on my own."  Griffin responded hastily, feeling himself blush beneath the bandages.  

Nosferina's thin mouth twtiched into a smirk.  "Good.  Then I will see you on Saturday."  

And that was it, Nosferina strolled off calmly leaving Griffin leaning against his locker questioning weather that actually just happened.

Saturday Night

What was he fussing about anyways?  Nos had explained what was happening, that she had a bet to win with Cleo.  That as her friend she expected he would help her with that.  So this effort, the painful several hour process to render himself visible, the shaving, the tie.  What the hell was the point?  Wasn't one, was there.  He continued adjusting his shaggy white hair.  He'd forgotten what a mess it was.  Nos wouldn't care, hers was worse.  It settled in his eyes again and Griffin let out a sigh of defeat.  

Nosferina had put in more effort then she needed to, and it had paid off.  She looked good.  Her short hair was swept back and up, doing things with her hair was never easy as she couldn't actually see it.  She'd pulled out a long disused evening gown, and even bothered with makeup, not that it did anything to hide the circles under her sunken eyes.  Still, she looked good.  And she wasn't sure why that mattered to her.  Because it was just Griffin.  

Downstairs the cacophany that was the door knocker sounded and Nosferina, giving herself a final once over, headed downstairs.

Griffin fidgeted with his sunglasses, or his hair, or gloves.  He didn't know why he was still wearing gloves, he could actually see his hands after all.  Waiting for Nosferina to answer the door. 

"You look, surprisingly opaque."  Nosferina said taking in the shaggy looking boy in.  She smiled revealing fangs.  "It's a nice change."  

"You look great too."  Griffin responded, trying to sound casual.  He wasn't lying, Nosferina, at least as far as he was concerned looked really, really good.  Damn it was disconcerting.  "So," he said, "Cars this way, shall we?"   



Porcelina was doing so much baking.  After all it was almost valentines day. The timer went off.  Cookie batch five.  She hummed removing the tray.  

Lemon, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and liver.  Those last were for Sydney.  She would have liked to smile dreamily while she thought of him, because oh it was wonderful.  This whole having a boy friend thing.  The romantic walks, the picnics.  And Valentines day.  This was just, beyond perfect,  she'd always watched those movies on TV with a pang of jealousy, although she'd never really thought  much about her prospects for getting a boyfriend, being incapable of most of the things expected out of a relationship.   But Sydney didn't care about any of that, he was just as, if not more flustered by the topic then she was, 

Everything about him was perfect really.  And no doubt their very first Valentines day together would be perfect too.


And even more romance.  With two couples this time! Where is my head at these days.  I hate romance.  Three brief little conversations here, they're all connected of course and need to be read as one thing.  This by the way is sort of a request.  Stars Keenin Wails, Mortimer Thanatos, Claretta Worth, and Amaranth Thanatos.


"Stalking' only hot when your a vampire, you know that right?" Said an oily voice, the joking condescension of the tone pulled Mortimer Thanatos out of his reverie as he turned his attention to the crimson figure that had sat beside him.  

"Yeah." He said quietly.  

Amaranth rolled his sunken eyes, his cousin could be such a ditz.  Especially with girls, especially with Wails.  He'd been doing this for about a week now.  Waiting for her to start her singing lesson's then sitting outside the door to listen.  

"I'm pretty sure this is the kind of things you get restraining orders for."

"It's not that bad." He muttered.  

"So I hyperbolize.  It's still creepy."

And the singing started, otherworldly and forlorn notes drifting through the door, even half muffled the perfect quality was clear.  

"Can we talk about this later?  She's singing."  Mort asked.  

Amaranth shrugged.  "Fine, but we are talking about this."  Amaranth said as he stood to leave, walking away he looked over his shoulder at his lovelorn cousin.  "In the mean time try talking to the girl."  


"And he just walked off again?"  Claretta asked as she reapplied her mascara, then handed a tissue to Keenin, despite an abundance of mad scientists in the community they had yet to invent make up that was both blood and tear proof.  As such the girls spent a lot of their time doing touch ups.  

Keenin nodded.  She wasn't actually upset.  But someone had died recently, so off went the waterworks.  

"I think it's charming, in a mysterious sort of way."  

"See if someone was sneakily listening to me practice then slinking away before I got the chance to talk to him.  I'd think it was creepy.  But sure mysterious works too."  

"I suppose you have some experience with creepy don't you."  Keenin said casting Claretta's empty sockets a quick look.  

"Low blow Wails."  

"Sorry. I didn't mean to offend."

"Not your fault my ex had a thing for blue eyes, honestly the doll collection should have been a tip off."  She shrugged wiping away a fresh trail of blood.  "Back to the topic of your much less painful love life.  Have you tried talking to him."  

"No, my voice is usually to strained after class.  Breathing is enough of a task."  

"Oh yea, you still have to do that don't you."  Claretta smirked wryly.  There were a couple benefits to being dead, not breathing had to do with most of them.

Keenin chuckled a soft melodic chuckle.  

"You ever talk to him in class?"  

"No, I only have math with Mortimer.  And he's on the other end of the room.  Besides," she sighed a sigh far to depressing for the situation. "He wouldn't want to talk to me."  

Claretta went to roll her eyes, remembered she couldn't and settled for an exasperated sigh of her own.  


"So Amy," said Claretta, a soft smile on her blood red lips as she wrapped her arms around her reaper's shoulders.  "I know someone who likes your cousin."  

"Really?"  He said in feigned surprise.  "Someone likes Mort?"  

"Absolutely.  But then she's a bit morbid herself."  

"Not dead is she?  We have rules."

"Rules, you never told me about any rules?"  Claretta released Amaranth from her embrace to look at him with a skeptically raised eyebrow.

"Figured you'd just break them."  He responded back, parchment like skin stretching into a wicked grin.  "I know I decided to the minute I saw you."

One of the afore mentioned benefits of being dead, you didn't blush at cheesy lines.  Instead she shook her head letting out a gentle chuckle.  "So charming when you want to avoid serious discussion.  Shall we revert to the precious topic?"  

"If it wouldn't be to much trouble.  Besides, I want to know who would actually like my cousin." 

"Just a certain banshee who he happens to be stalking."  Claretta said casually.  

The grin returned to Amaranth's face.  "And I suppose you want my help in some kind of plot."  

"Nothing to complex.  Just that he's your cousin, she's my friend.  We go out, I thought maybe-"

"A double date?" 

Claretta nodded.

"How about tomorrow at eight?  I know this diner who hasn't passed a legitimate health inspection in years."  

Claretta frowned.  "A work date?  Really?"  

"I do love mixing business and pleasure.  Besides, it'll get Mort there."  He said with a careless shrug.  

"I'll make sure she's free."


More fluffy romance, I'm not very good at it.  But I like expanding my horizions.  This one's about Griffin and his thoughts on a certain snarky vampire.  


Sometimes he was really glad he was invisible.  Mostly when he was around Nosferina.  It meant she couldn't see the stupid infatuated grin that spread across his face whenever she walked in a room, or how her sarcastic little remarks in his direction made him blush.  She'd laugh if she could.  Not that he'd mind to much, he was so fond of her laugh.  That dark predatory chuckle.  


There she was now, and there was that silly grin invisibly spreading across his face.   She joined him in the corner where he was lurking, slinking into the shadows with casual grace.  She flashed him a wry little half smile and Griffin felt his cheeks heat up.  God he was pathetic.


What's this?  New writing.  And I bet you all thought I forgot about this place.  Just some fluff with Sydney Slenderman and Porcelina Doile.  


"This is silly."  Mumbled Sydney  as Porcelina applied sharpie to his face.  

"No it isn't, you're the only person tall enough to dress like him."  The doll explained matter of factly.  "You look so much better when you smile."  She added finishing with the pen.  "And you'll be an excellent Jack Skellington."  Sydney flushed the area that should be his face turning slightly pink.  "Are you alright?  Is the bow tie to tight?"  

"No," he responded even quieter then normal.  A moments awkward silence as Porcelina adjusted the bow tie anyways.  

"Aren't you to short to be Sally?"

"I'm one eighteenth rag doll on my mothers side.  I'll do just fine."  

Sydney decided not to question weather or not that made sense in favor of a more pressing concern.  

"People will think we're a couple."  

"Aren't we?"  Porcelina asked head tilted to the side slightly in confusion.  

"I-I'm, I don't, maybe?"  Sydney managed.

"I think we are, you took me to the dance after all."  

He nodded.  

"We don't have to be if you don't want to of course."  Porcelina added hastily.  

"No, I'm okay with it."  

"Oh, good, we're a couple then."  Porcelina decided a note of gleeful triumph as she spoke.  



This is what happens when I find a fly in my room at three am.  And immiedatly find myself wishing I had cat to kill it.  It doesn't make much sense, and it doesn't have a point.  But it's been a while since I updated.  


Griffin and Nosferina were sitting in his room, presumably doing homework, but actually watching his cat eat.


There is something terrifying about watching a fly snatched out of the air by invisible teeth.  Something even more so about watching it be chewed and digested.  Nosferina had always had a soft spot for terrifying, so she watched with clinical interest as Mittens the invisible cat stalked and consumed it's prey.


Griffin watched too, although he found the scene decidedly common place, so he let his mind wander to other, more entertaining uses of invisibility on animals.  Maybe a lion.  If he could have a tame invisible lion.  No, that would never work, he hated the circus. 




My three Alien characters stargazing. 


All three of them were farther from home then most people would ever be.  Then most people could even imagine being.  Laying out on the Heels' family lawn staring up into a dark sky littered with pinpoints of light.  Looking for three specific ones.  Marsha found hers first.  The earths closet celestial neighbor.  

"There, the red one."  She said in a voice still unused to talking, such a primitive thing speech was.  "Dried up husk of a mostly abandoned planet."  She made a noise that might have been her equivalent of a laugh, but not a happy one.  She never would have done that at home, the monkeys were rubbing off on her.  "And I miss it anyway."  

"You know, this place isn't nearly as bad as you make it out to be."  Jake put in, possibly an attempt to be comforting, possibly an attempt to defend Earth, after all it was the only place he'd ever lived.  

"You have experience else where?" Marsha snapped.  It was times like this she envied Nosferina Orlok and her eyebrows, she would have liked one to arch accusingly right now.  

"Well no."  

"Didn't think so."  

Fleeta Woods could sense another argument coming on.  She interrupted it.  "I found mine."  She said quietly.  "Not the planet obviously, but right there."  She extended a red clawed hand to point at a distant star.  "That's the one I orbit.  Hyzok'xin"  

"And what's it like?"  Jake asked.

"Lush, humid, heavily forested, and as a culture fond of chrome."  It wasn't actually chrome of course.  The properties were vastly different.  But the visual effect was the same.  "Have you found yours yet?"  

Jake shrugged, which was hard to do lying flat on your back.  "I think so.  That one there."  He pointed to the opposite corner of the sky from Fleeta.  "Of course I don't know what it's like, but I figure once I graduate I take three years off, hop in a saucer, and make a road trip of it, maybe do some hitchhiking while I'm at it."  

"I have book that might help you with that if you want it."  Fleeta offered.

"Or you girls could come along?"  Jake posed the question hopefully, he was already planning to drag Griffin into it.

Marsha let out another not quite a laugh, although this one was generally better spirited.  "Sure, it can't be any worse then home."  

Fleeta had to consider a moment.  "Maybe, if my Alliance work doesn't get in the way."  

Jake grinned broadly.  "Excellent, this time two years from now it'll be us three off on grand adventures across the stars!"  And considering the discussion closed Jake allowed himself to drift off into fantasies of wild adventures, distant stars, and people even stranger then the ones he already knew.   


Super quick one here, just a little scene with Maddox Skullcrusher, my mad scientist, and Collette Perfect Daughter of The Stepford Wives, she belongs to Daphne Jones.


She had been saying the same thing for the last ten minutes, granted a lot of what Collette said sounded exactly the same to Maddox.  Clothes, boys, shoes, baking, rinse repeat.  But this was different.  "I-I-I-I-I-I-I"  Maddox hit her in the back of the head, hard.  She snapped out of whatever loop she was stuck on.  

"Huh."  Said Maddox, completely to himself.  "Just like my ipod."  

"What was that?"  She asked.  

"On nothing, just mumbling."

"You really should stop that."  


Another brief little scene with Collette and Maddox.  I hope Collette is in character.  And I do realize this isn't my best.  But I'm writing under the influence of sleep deprivation and caffine.  I like caffine. 


He had his suspicions about Collette.  It was a lot of little things all adding up over time, things most people wouldn't notice, but when your child hood was spent like Maddox's, among the whir and click of machinery.  You noticed when someone was probably secretly a robot.  Possibly a malfunctioning one.   

"Collette."  Maddox started.

The blonde probably a robot looked at him. 

"Yes Maddie."  

He grimaced hating the nickname.  "You know that stuttering problem you have."  Here went nothing, he had to tell her eventually.  

"No, I still don't remember doing that.  Why do you people keep bringing it up?"  She said, just a little huffy, a little defensive.  

"Well, I know some really good speech therapists.  They could probably help."  Apparently he wasn't going to tell her today.  Possibly not ever.  Because he knew what happened when you confronted robots about this kind of thing.  He'd seen it go down hill more then a few times.  So maybe it was best to just let her keep thinking she was perfectly normal, just until she started leaking oil or whatever it was she ran on.  

"Well, thanks I'll look into that.  Although I still have no idea what you're talking about."



Phantasmagoria is my ghost OC, I came up with her before Spectra was announced, and coincidentally she also likes sticking her nose in other peoples buisness.  So I figured they would get along, and Spectra might even offer her a job on the ghostly gossip.  


"I can't wait to tell everyone!"  Phantasmagoria said, grinning a little too widely.

"Unfourtunately that isn't an option."  Spectra responded shaking her head.  "Some just don't have the highest regard for the services people like us provide."  

Phantasmagoria's grin shrank turning to a look of hurt confusion.  

"They think we're gossips."  Spectra whispered conspiratorially to the other ghost girl.

"Aren't we?"  

"Well,"  Spectra faltered.  "I prefer a term with less negative connatations.  Something like activists for the free and open exchange of information."  

Phantasmagoria cocked her head to the side slightly, pale blue eyes clouded with confusion.  "That's really long.  Can't we just be gossips?"  



Nosferina wasn't sure what to make of moments like this.  When Griffin wasn't, well wasn't being Griffin.  None of the usual, arrogant, sarcastic, irritable, jerkass she had come to, if not like then at least tolerate more then most people.  Instead he had been quiet for the whole walk, possibly even thoughtful.  Despite herself Nosferina was concerned about who she had to consider a friend.  

"You have been uncharacteristically quiet tonight."  She said.  Then so as not seem out of character herself added.  "Not that I mind the silence."  

Griffin looked up from the scuffed runners he had been staring intently at.  "Oh, yea, no it's nothing."  Back to staring at his shoes.  

Nosferina arched an intrigued eyebrow but didn't pry.  She never pried.  

They walked in silence for a few moments. 

"So, you like being a vampire right?"

 Oh, that was it.  The problem with mortal friends.  Eventually they decided turning into a bat would be neat.  "Yes, but I have no experience as anything else."  

"But you like it.  The downsides, the not having a refelection, the aversion to italian food, they aren't that big a deal?"  

Nosferina sighed, deep and exasperated.  "Yes.  Yes I like being a vampire.  I like being a creature of the night with the strength of twenty men who can transform into any number of things at will, who murders people for sustance, I like hating the beach, I like not having a reflection, I like not being able to go to weddings-"  She was running out of complaints.  "I like being seventeen FOREVER."  No one ever understood how long that was.  At seventeen hundred Nosferina had only just started to grasp it.  "And no, no Griffin, I will not bite you."  

Griffin stopped walking to stare at Nosferina, invisible mouth slightly a gape.  "Jesus Rina.  I didn't know you could talk that much."  

She shrugged.  "My throat is a little sore now."  

"I don't care about the super powers though."  Well sort of.  They would be a bonus.  "And I wasn't asking you to turn me.  You brought that up."

"Then why the questions."  

Griffin went weirdly quiet again.  "I- I don't want to be like this," he paused to gesture at his bandaged face with an ungloved hand,  "for the rest of my life."   

"Sorry, I am afraid I don't follow."  

"Oh come on.  It's pretty obvious!  I thought you were smart."  

"No more then anyone else my age."  

Griffin rolled his eyes.  A futile gesture.  No one could see them.  

"Dead things can't be invisible.  I'm pretty sure we've been over this.  And technically, you're dead.  No pulse.  No breath.  No life. So if I were a vampire..."  

"So this is not just about how turning into a bat looks neat."  

"Well it sort of does."  He laughed awkwardly.  

"Ah."  She left it at that for a few minutes, then.  "Ten years."

"Sorry, what?"

"Ten years, get back to me in ten years, if you're still invisible I will bite you.  Seventeen is to young."  



I wrote this while shopping for swimsuits with my friend.  It captures my thoughts on the experience perfectly.


"Too much skin."  The taller vampire said flatly.

"Nos it's a one piece."  Draculaura said, her voice a pleading whine.

"Still, to much skin."  She shrugged.  Doing her best to conceal her disdain for this process.  She wouldn't even be here.  But apparently she just needed a bathing suit.  And her old one had a hole, well several.  Stupid moths.  

"You're impossible to shop with."  

"I am."  Nosferina agreed.

"This isn't the 19th century anymore.  You can show off a little."  

"And then explode in the garish sunlight?"  Nosferina asked as she browsed the wracks of splash.

Draculaura shook her head and went to help her friend look. 

"This one's cute."  She held out another one piece for Nosferina to inspect.  It was very nice.  

"It has polka dots."

"Polka dots are cute."  

Nosferina gave the shorter vampire a withering glare.  "I do not like cute."

"You like me."   

"We all make exceptions."  


Some time later, through Draculaura's concerted efforts, Nosferina was in a change room.  With things to try on.  All solid black things and then the polka dotted one.  Nosferina cursed her weakness but Ula D. was a hard one to resist.  

"I still think my old one is fine."  She said through the door.  Defiant to the last.

"It's made of cotton."  

"I never swim."

"It's one hundred years old."  


"It's made for a guy."

Nosferina sighed.  They would never agree on this.  She liked the "Sweeney Todd nightmare."  As Ula D., and for that matter most of Nosferina's more fashionable friends called it.  


She stepped out of the change room feeling gangly, pale and awkward.  She hated shopping.

"It looks good."

"You are a  terrible liar."   



So no actual Monster High characters show up in this.  Just the parents.  The Other Mother from Coraline, who is parent to Sadie Skeletol's Demetra Otherly and The Slender Man, who is my Sydney's dad.    


She was very tall and very thin, although not to the same unmatched extreme in either as he was, close though and that was enough to put Slender on edge, the idea that people could be taller then him was faintly confusing and deeply unsettling.  He looked down briefly, not that anyone else could tell, no face.  Heels, that explained the height issue.  He was more comfortable now.  He thought for a moment before starting conversation.  Conversation was not Slender’s strong suit.

Her long red nails, attached to long paper white fingers moved in a constant spidery impatient motion while she waited for the strange faceless man at the door to say something, anything, his just standing there was deeply and inexplicitly creepy. 

“Hello.”  Said Beldam Otherly in a polite voice.  “Can I help you with something?” 

When The Slender Man finally responded it was in a strange voice distorted as if it had been recorded and the tape left to degrade for years, strangest of all it buzzed electrically.  There was a reason he didn’t talk much. 

“You have my son.”  Said The Slender Man.  “He has been on a “Play date”,” at that word he raised his arms, (usual tentacles replaced with the hands necessary for the task the fingers long and twig like,) and he made some very sarcastic air quotes, “at this house for two days.”   



I've decided I'm keeping all my Monster High writing here.  So for the sake of orginaization I'm reposting Nosferina's Diary (Which I suppose I have to update now because of the school's out dolls), and some roleplay posts which I'm  actually quite proud of, Still feel free to skip this stuff.  It's quoted so you know what to scan past. 

Nosferina grimaced stepping out of her hearse, true it was a little Cliché, but nothing else ever seemed to suit her.  She pulled a pair of antiquated sunglasses with blood red lenses from the pocket of her long grey coat and put them on, then opened her parasol, large, practical and uncompromisingly black, it was the sort of parasol that made even the most determined sunbeams give up wit just a glance at the thing. She was still scowling as she started walking towards the high school.  It was her default morning face.  Made even worse by the unseasonably bright weather.  This was supposed to be winter right?  That time of year when the sun was busy elsewhere?  


The snow came suddenly, no doubt thought Nosferina, thanks to some mad scientist playing with his weather machine, or her weather machine. Mad Science was an equal opportunity thing nowadays. She removed her sunglasses as they were no longer needed, then continued with her zombie like shuffle up the steps. Vampires she reflected should not be made to wake up in the morning. It didn't matter; she would probably doze in the first class anyway. What ever it was.


She raised a surprised eyebrow as two younger girls (it was safe to assume they were younger, almost everyone was.) dashed past her, nearly knocking her over like skittering little rats. Giggling skittering little rats. Her mouth made an involuntary twitch upward at the thought of her rats giggling like that. Not that rats giggled, that would be pretty creepy.


The outline of a person, rendered visible only through the snow that had settled on where one must assume said person was, rushed up the stairs. The outline paused briefly to say.

“Hey Rina, great weather isn’t it?” In a predictably sarcastic tone. You could also hear teeth chattering if you were paying attention.

“I don’t know Seymour, you seem a tad under dressed for it.” She responded with a bemused little smirk.

“Oh shut up.” The voice snapped. Then the outline was off up the stairs again, the schools door opened, then slammed closed.

Nosferina rolled her eyes. “Griffin, what a constant source of amusement you are.” She muttered to herself in her thick Romanian accent.


It wasn’t like he was running around naked or anything. Actually he was pretty well dressed for an average midwinter day. Of course he might have grabbed the wrong Invisible coat. They were so hard to tell apart. He brushed the snow off him and feeling confident that he was once again unperceivable to at least the human eye; he went to his locker to change back into the visible outfit he had arrived in this morning. He always had a spare set of invisible clothing in his locker in case he should need to disappear for any reason. Or if like this morning he just felt like being invisible, and wandering around catching snippets of the kind of conversations people had when they thought they were alone.



“Hello Griffy.” Said a pale translucent girl whose hair floated around like it was caught in a wind tunnel. She was standing, no hovering directly in front of his locker.

“Phantasmagoria.” He said dryly. He was glowering, not that it mattered, even if the ghost girl could have seen it she wasn’t the best with social cues.

“Over hear anything interesting today?” She asked cocking her head to the side in curiosity.

“Nope, just the same inane high school gossip as always. And don’t call me Griffy.” He stuck his invisible arm through her opening his locker and removing a bundle of clothing.

“Do you have any idea how rude that is?” Phantasmagoria asked the pair of pants which was jerking about strangely as an invisible leg stepped into them.

“Yes, but I don’t care.” Pants were done; he was now onto the shirt, which was being hastily buttoned by invisible hands.

“You’re not very nice.” She retorted with a little huff.

“Another fact I am well aware of, and again, don’t care.” He was adjusting his sunglasses now, but he didn’t bother with the bandages. Phantasmagoria rolled her pale blue eyes, then faded off into the ether no doubt to go bother someone else.



She reappeared some distance away and absent-mindedly floated her way towards class, what was it? Ogre something other, Phantasmagoria didn’t much like ogres, this would be a dull morning no doubt.  She hummed a little in a voice distant and off key, passing through several of her  more corporeal classmates as she went, sending shivers down their spines.  It was the exact effect of someone walking on your grave.  Which Phantasmagoria could say first hand was deeply uncomfortable.


She proceeded like this all the way to the back of the geo-orge-phy (yes, that’s what it was she reminded herself triumphantly,) classroom, finding a nice unoccupied corner to sit in, and a nice comfortable desk to sit on. 



Nosferina decided she had had quite enough of loitering by her locker.  Class would officially start soon anyways.  She headed off to Geo-Ogre-Phy, an easy class to start the morning with at least.  


This was not okay.  Her corner was occupied.  At age seventeen hundred and something, Nosferina wasn't a big fan of change.  To make matters worse it was Phantasmagoria who occupied it.  It was far to early for such a cheerful companion, and the pitchy ethereal voice was sure to bore directly in to poor Nosferina’s skull.  She joined her anyways.  It was her corner after all.  She sat in the most heavily shadowed spot, sinking in naturally, it was as if her presence alone added extra depth to the blackness.


“Hi Rina.”  Phantasmagoria said.  Nosferina stared back, caught off guard by the chipper tone, she was always caught off guard by morning people. 

She half growled her response. 

“Morning.” And then as an after thought, although one she repeated far to often.  “Do not call me Rina.”


The teacher made his way in and both girls settled into a silence only broken by the occasional tapping of Nosferina’s pencil or a strand of humming from Phantasmagoria’s ghostly lips. 



Griffin made his way to the mad science class and took a seat in the back, next to his lab partner and one of the few people he tolerated on a regular basis, Maddox Skullcrusher.  Who didn't seem at all surprised that an apparently empty set of clothes sat down next to him.  In fact the scrawny blond seemed particularly pleased with himself this morning.

"What are you grinning about?"  Asked the invisible boy, adjusting his dark sunglasses so he could look over them.

"The machine, it's working."  Responded the enthusiastic young scientist, a manic glint to his pale blue eyes. 

"So that means the snow storm is your fault?" Griffin's scowl was audible.  

Maddox shifted his gaze some where to the desk and half laughed in an awkward way.  

"It took a bit longer then expected to start," he paused briefly to let Griffin's annoyed silence sink in.  

"I wanted it to start some hours earlier, so school would be cancelled."  He added fiddling with his spectacles.

"Well I suppose that is an admirable enough goal."  Griffin said with a low chuckle.  "A little warning in advance next time though, give a guy a chance to find his snow coat." 

"I imagine that must be especially trying in your situation."

Before Griffin could respond that it was actually not that hard, since he had a system involving post it notes and the copious application of a lint brush to keep his invisible wardrobe in order, the teacher burst in, the boys exchanged aggravated glances.  Neither were fond of Mr. Hackington.

Author's Notes: I like how these turned out individually but when I put them together I can't help but think they don't flow to well, also not enough puns.  Monster High depends on awful puns.


The Diary Journal Of Nosferina Orlok, Summer 2010

(She really hates the term Diary.)

Characters: Draculaura, Nosferina Orlok (Oc), Phantasmagoria Graveston (Oc), Operetta, Ghoulia Yelps.


New Journal, Volume No. God Knows, Nosferina, 2010


July 14th


I am on a plane, inside my coffin, writing by book light, you will have to excuse the mess.  An odd way to christen my new journal I grant but I have nothing better to do.  To recap where the last one left off, we (we being father and I) are returning from summer vacation of our old castle, I shall miss its heavy shadows and crumbling walls.  But the peasants were acting up again.  Mmm, peasants, now I am hungry. 


July 15th


The plane landed sometime last night and I am currently suffering jetlag, I think this is how it feels to be a zombie, but with less mental capacity.  Fed the rats, painted my nails, watched the rain, a perfectly unproductive day. 


July 21st


For a day that involved the maul it went very well, I ventured out of my crypt for some early back to school shopping, while not one of my favorite activities good company can alter perceptions easily, which is to say I ran into Count Dracula, I can see why he has three wives, we talked, he asked me for help finding some back to school clothing for Draculaura, perhaps I should have mentioned that the last time I knew what was in style it was the bustle skirt.  He probably suspects, he left the tags on.


P.S.  No I did not find anything for myself.  Do I ever?


July 25th


I saw Ghoulia at the library, she is definitely high on my list of favorite people, it took me several hours longer then it usually does for me to find a book as the result of her zombie gait but I do not mind, I am going to live for a very long time after all, I can afford not to rush.


 August 3rd


I am in one of those funks I hit every decade or so where I am reminded how long and occasionally dull eternity can be, I think every other immortal feels it on occasion, I need to do something to cheer myself up, I will call Draculaura, Ghoulia, or Operetta and see if they want hang out. 


August 4th


Spent the night with Draculaura, I let her drag me to the maul, we saw a movie, and grabbed a bite at the food corpse, all right I grabbed a bite, she grabbed a salad.  I try to keep snide comments about her diet to a minimum but I am concerned, it is not healthy.


Of course she has met two boys over the course of the summer one who she described as hot with a little giggle, his hair is on fire.  Get it.  And the second is her new neighbor, his name is Jackson, he is a human, she says he’s sweet, funny, and cute.  I said he sounded delicious and asked if she knew his blood type, Draculaura looked horrified until I started to laugh, I promised to behave myself if we met, cross my heart and…actually I can not do either of those things.  I can only imagine her introducing him to her father.


August 21st


I hung out with Draculaura again; father and I went over to “Castle Dracula” for dinner.  Naturally we cleared out to her room as quickly as possible, our parents, while friends have will occasionally get into some rather heated arguments, and if not that it’s generally a lot of nostalgia.  Which I have enough of for myself.


Draculaura tried to convince me to join the fearleading squad…Because I look like a fearleader, do I not?  She said she would put in a good word with Cleo.  I scoffed. 


Like most people I do not get along with De Nile, maybe it is because she likes thinking being a princess once upon a time in Egypt gives her some special authority, maybe it is because she thinks the same thing about being popular in high school.  Ha, as if four years matter at all.  Someone as old as her should realize how inconsequential they really are.  It is not hatred, but we avoid each other.  Even if Cleo were not there I do not have too much school spirit, and the uniforms are mortalfiying, I will stick with the chess club and debate team.


I asked about her little human friend and Draculaura is still all squeally, I admit from what little I have heard I like the sound of him, has a sense of humor at least.


P.S.  Draculaura mentioned she was taking most of the clothing The Count bought her back to the maul to exchange for something trendier, she did not understand my brief bought of laughter or my apologies for wasting her time.


August 23rd


The summer is swiftly ending and the nights are stretching out, I am in a good mood, father is in a good mood.  He went out to do vampire things, I had a night with the ghouls, I invited Ghoulia, Operetta and Phantasmagoria over for movies and screechza. 

There were several rounds of impromptu scareoke, while I am not a fan of Justin Biter, The Jaundice brothers or Lady Naga the songs are easy enough to sing to, naturally Operetta, who has a voice like Sarah Frightman put us all to shame.


Memorandum: Spend more time with these people.   


August 26th


Another party I sat on the outskirts of, Phantasmagoria was there, bothered me frequently I remember now why spend very little time with her, she never stops talking. 


September 6th


Summer has drawn to it’s conclusion, I could not be happier about this, I am a creature of the night, and now those nights are long, but school, school I have mixed feelings about.  I am sure you have noticed I am not a group person, I am content to lurk in shadowy corners, so the crowded halls and classrooms do very little for me.  Still I like the learning, and even the prospect of seeing those few friends I do have.  


So that's everything.  If you read this far I can't thank you enough.  Drop a comment if you see fit too, con crit is greatly loved.  Especially if you can suggest a way to improve.


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Love the new chapters! *has poked Fel on chat so she can read the top part*

Porcelina's one was really adorable and sweet, especially being jealous of people in movies. XD

*hath been poked* Do you know how hard it is too read something when you stop every sentance to fangirl a bit and say 'Awww'?  Let me tell you, it is HARD. 


But...that was epic in so many ways.  I 'awwww'-ed frequently.   It was cute!  Well...cute's not quite right; it downplays how awesome that was....but, uh, you get the point.


I like!  A lot!   (And if there was any real question about it, Fel's answer would've been yes.)

@Zena:  Thanks, I was really underwhelmed by Porcelina's so it's nice to hear someone likes it, of course I can sympathize with poor Lina on that topic, I'm still waiting for a romance like Gomez and Morticia.

@Felica:  Oddly enough I do know that feeling, all to well.  Glad I could manage to provoke it in someone.  Don't worry, cutes the right word, for once it was precisely what I was going for.  (Although Nosferina and Griffin are a touch concerned it may have been applied to them, curmudgeony misanthropic jerks that they are.)

*nods*. Apart from the being-jealous-of-movies-bit, I enjoyed the baking cookies bit. Needless to say, I love cookies. Which is off topic, but, ah well. 

I'm attempting a romance as well, which is extremely difficult due to my lack of knowledge on this topic, so I am forced to question my friends on other sites about this.

Yeah, it's an awkward thing to jump into with no real life experience.  That's why all my characters romances tend to stay on the chaste and fluffy end of things.

And Cookies are fantastic.

That is the truth of life, right there.
Nosferina said:

And Cookies are fantastic.


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