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Not that big a deal, but when I pulled her hand off, part of the hand ripped rather then peg/joint coming out. It still goes back in securely, but just be careful when you pull out her hands. I'm sure I could contact Mattel and get a replacement, but since her hand goes back firmly, I'll let it slide. :)

I've uploaded a picture of the 'damage'.

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That happened to my Basic Apple,Basic Gigi,and Basic Jinafire. I wonder if it has to do with where the dolls are made? (Indonesia vs China)

maybe you could get replacement lower arms and hands when they are available.  

thanks for the heads up I will be careful when I get her, I sometimes take the hands off when de-boxing to free them from the plastic things they are in hard to explain or to get the bands that are sometimes warped in out.

I had ot too with Basic Clawdeen.


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