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Hey Guys and Ghouls :) ! I am very happy to say that I found the Skull Shores 5 Pack at Target today in Myrtle Beach SC while I was on vacation . I was completely thrilled and after a little let down at TRU because they did not have the Were-Cat Twins and I have been looking for those for like ever , I did get DDG Spectra though .  But I was so excited to find the five pack :).  I picked it up and now I do have it even though Ula D looks a little messed up and Cleo but the others look okay .  I might post pictures later but I'm not sure if I can on my I-Pod .  

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Ruby~Worgensol said:

DPCI is common to the Gloom Beach set if I'm not mistaken. So 086-02-2675. Just like with Robecca and Venus having a common DPCI, don't be surprised if they have stock and then you find the other product rather than what you're looking for. -- Pilot Willie

Isabella blue said:

can anyone tell me the dcpi number for these dolls???

Kind funny, it says 086-02-2675 is not available, but I just saw Gloom Beach 5-pack on the store shelves today.

Today I Went To Target And I Found The Skull Shores 5 Pack.

I just bought my Skull Shores 5pack here on Long Island on Friday (7/20)! They had plenty of them, but I still bet they sell out by Monday or Tuesday...

I was a little upset that the 5pack did NOT come with the little drinks! I am okay with the fact that they don't have doll stands, and only have one brush (it's not like I don't have 30 of them anyway!), but the little drinks are sorely missed! I have drinks for Draculaura, and Ghoulia, as I already have their individual olds, but I wanted to see Clawdeen, and Cleo's drinks! Also, there aren't any trading cards in the 5 pack set... *sigh*

I expected the stands to be missing, and since I keep most of my dolls in the boxes, I can live with that. I honestly don't NEED brushes with my dolls, but they kinda seem naked without a brush in the box, now that I am used to seeing one in the box! The Roller Maze dolls don't have brushes, and neither did the Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra that I ripped out of the box! But at least they have stands!

I had to pay the skull shores price for my gloom beach, I don't mind really seeing as I did score a clawdeen bunk bed for only 22 dollars...I feel its karma.  But the gloom beach should be gone after what stock they have sells.  I'd love it if they put gloom beach on clearance and accidentally stuck out skull shores for clearance due to similar codes. xD


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