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The SS 5-Pack is available now on! The best part is the free shipping!!!

Link Below

Target Monster High

I am so happy I do not need to go and search for this set after all.

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I am sorry that happened. I hope they can get it straightened out for you! Thankfully, my order went through fine. I received the usual order confirmation email after placing my order.

I Luv Draculaura said:

I ordered a set about an hour ago and I just got an e-mail saying my order was cancelled due to an error. I called customer service and they said I should call back in 2 hours to speak with their Order Verification Team. Ever since Target redesigned their website a year ago, I always encounter problems ordering from them. With my luck, by the time I call them later, the set will be sold out.

Just picked one up the other day at my local Target and have to say that Cleo's hair is not nearly as fabulous as in the stock photo.

It will require some TLC ^_-

got one from a store the other day. Cleos hair though is gonna take some work

All the hair, besides Clawdeen, is terrible!  It's all gonna need some TLC.

Ironically, the day I decided to buy the Skull Shores set, the lone set I found at the store that I went to had a Clawdeen with totally flyaway hair!  I left that one on the shelf, and went to another Target the next day and was able to pick out a nice set out of the 5 or 6 that they had.

Mike said:

All the hair, besides Clawdeen, is terrible!  It's all gonna need some TLC.

Ordered one online this morning with free shipping & $5 off coupon available through retailmenot.

Thanks for the heads up!

Just ordered a set, hope it goes through. My K-mart order for the RM 2pack went through and I got it yesterday...SOO if K-mart can get it right, I would think that Target could too!

Its in stock too!

Wow I orderd it today and it was shipped already today

So excited! I've wanted this set for so long! Placed my order and everything went through. I just hope August 9th I dont find a gloom beach 5 pack (I believe they have the same item number)


I received my set today. I am so happy with it! Thankfully, the hair and faces on all the dolls is near perfect.

Received the Skull Shores set today.  Arrived in excellent condition !


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