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go quick only 21.99

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skelita keeps popping up for 21.99, she goes away for about 10 minutes, but then is back at 21.99... keep trying. i'm still trying to get a jinafire, been watching for an hour, and still nothing :(

I finally got Skelita, thank you for the heads up!

good to hear someone else here could get one!

Jaime Harris said:

I finally got Skelita, thank you for the heads up!

I saw her up there now too. but I just picked one up at target just about 2 hrs ago.

And to think, I was just about to go to bed! But I decided to check the forum once more. Dear daughter will be so excited come Christmas morning. I'm taking no chances with this one and having it sent to work. Scaris Rochelle never made it to the house. Either delivered to the wrong address or stolen.

Oh Jaime that sucks about losing Rochelle. I've had that happen, but not with something I was so excited about getting. 

Monster girl4444, awesome! I am hoping to find a Jinafire in store. 

Me too Charlize's Mom. I went to alot of stores today and the only luck I had was finding one Skelita. They had tons of Scaris Rochelle's, Frankie's and Clawdeen's tho.

I keep finding Clawdeen, saw 1 Frankie... was lucky enough to run across a Deuce and a Ghoulia though, about died when I saw Deuce, he was one I had to have because I know he will disappear soon and suddenly be selling for hundreds on ebay. He's already selling for a ridiculous price, can't imagine what it will be after he is taken out of shipments.

I've been trying to find more Deuces though so that once he disappears I can help others on here desperate for one... but so far I only got the one. 


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