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Skelita Overview with Kittiesmama! SHE GOT ALL THE SCARIS DOLLS!

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OMG. Skelita is a full on skeleton. I'm going to need a LOT of these.

And a wetnap. I need a wetnap.

This little girl is SO cute.  I'm totally getting Skelita when she comes out!

Finally got to see the video...

Mattel has hit the equivalent of a grand slam home run for me with Skelita.  I am still chomping at the bit for Jinafire, but I am now dying to get my hands on Skelita now as well.  The attention to detail that was put into everything from the sketchbook to the suitcase to the outfit to Skelita herself is mind-boggling!

Okay, Emma, you say Jinafire's next?  I'll be doing the potty dance, waiting for your review!  ^_^

OMG so in love with this doll and her journal.  I love the little spanglish they included and all the details from the doll and her profile.  This doll is so beautiful.  Great review can't wait for the next one :)

so it was true, they send her a free doll to review

That kid is lovely! NOW I can finally be happy for her. 

Skelita is even more gorgeous than I thought she'd be! Well, I was sure I'd get her even before the review (I collect all the Basics after all), but now I want her even more! That plastic thing under her clothes will have to go, though. She's a skeleton with an awesome body, no reason why her body should look like everyone else's!

Wow, i did not want this doll before but after seeing this video, I need her! and worst of all I will probably want to display her nude because that skeleton body is the coolest thing ever.

Emma did a fangtastic job! You so rock and my daughter, who is nine years old wants so badly to do a YouTube video, too! She loves all of your make-up tutorials and thinks that your mom and dad are also very talented!

At SDCC this year, one of the reveals was for Catrine DeMew, so how come we are not seeing her out yet or given as a "gift" like Skelita? I do understand that she will be a Walmart exclusive but not sure why there isn't much chatter about her?

wow i love the torso i expected it just being a white version of the normal torso she's my most wanted of this series.

I'm aware the Scaris line hasn't hit the shelves yet,, I'm talking about some of the others.. I live in a major metropolitan area "the DMV" I live about 20 minutes outside Washington DC, and Baltimore both directions, and 3 hours away from NY, and I've never seen Deuce, Toralei , or Holt in the stores "NEVER/EVER" TOYSRUS, WALMART, TARGETS ETC.. That's all, but I still love the dolls... If I lived in small town USA, or someplace remote I'd get it, but I don't.

Justin said:

They're not even out yet.  They will be widely available and easy to get just like Dead Tired 2, Roller Maze, Ghouls Rule, the basics.  Nothing is going to be easy to find when shipments are barely at their final destination.  All you have to do is look on Amazon and TRU to see how easy the current releases are to get.  Have faith!

Onlyalisa said:

I love the dolls, but this scavenger hunting is getting old for me.. It would be nice to order, buy off shelf when their released... IDUNO i'm tired of running around looking for them.


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