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Skelita Overview with Kittiesmama! SHE GOT ALL THE SCARIS DOLLS!

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Wow, I thought she'd be a true skeleton. When I get mine I'm taking that little chest plate off to make it look more natural for her. I can't wait to see the Jinafire review and get my own.

Oh my goodness, all those details are amazing! I am so excited to see her out on the shelves :D

her body is all I hoped it would be. I'm in love.

And i'm excited to see Jinafire.

What a lucky kid heh, she's gonna have a ball deboxing and reviewing all those things. I hope she doesn't get too much hate from jealous entitled sorts *sigh* as we've already seen.

Gimmie gimmie Skellita! I want her even more now i've seen the details hahaha.

I'll have to watch the video when I get home (work blocks YT, and I'm almost at my limit for data on my phone), but from the screencap that I did get to see, Emma is one very lucky and very deserving girl!

*jumping up and down* I saw Jinafire! I want her so very much...

the plastic chest piece looks like the dress forms they use for the fashions.

BTW my 4 year old niece just loves this little girl's make up tut videos. She watches them all the time...


These dolls might be the toughest hunting we've had. I've alway been lucky to find everyone right away, but I feel the challenge coming.

Good for them,, now if we could get release dates I'd be a happy Monster High Collector.
I love the dolls, but this scavenger hunting is getting old for me.. It would be nice to order, buy off shelf when their released... IDUNO i'm tired of running around looking for them.
Any one know when she's coming out? This wait is killing me...

Oh wow I thought the doll was cute but now that I see she is really a true skeleton with detail I can't wait to find one probably nude and loose.

Toys don't have hard release dates. But considering Sweet 1600 and Skull Shores (a Spring 2012 line) showed up in october and november, I would expect Scaris to show up sometime this month.


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