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omg! wasn't expecting her so soon! She's beautiful ♥

This is KittiesMaMa's. Check the photo section of this website.

Oh very cool, I just saw her popup on Monster High De Mexico's Facebook. Wonder why her box is different. No Scaris branding on it at all.

Promo box maybe? I mean, the kid is being very hush hush about how she got a hold of this so i'm thinking parent is employed at Mattel. That's usually the case with these very early first looks.

Wish we had better images. I'm dying to see her body under those clothes heh.

Post says the box was hand drawn by Natalie so I assume it was especially made for her.

Yeah. I have to wonder if Natalie might be her mother or something. Or related in some way.

So jealous!!! I can't wait for her *u*

Hell where's my special perks as well? I'm keep the local Argos in buisness by buying the dolls constantly!

Yeah, how dare Mattel try to promote their new doll releases by not giving every collector a free doll!  We're so entitled!


Also, reviewers have always gotten advance copies of things to review -- books, records, CDs, videogames. It's not even new to toy collecting. Reviewers on Youtube are just as legitimate as those who write for magazines, and to be honest, probably a lot more effective for Mattel. I think sending them advance review dolls is smart and just as valid as any book reviewer getting free books (which they all do). 

I think so, too. It doesn't have "Scaris" or even "Monster High" written anywhere on it! I always loved the packaging, because you don't have to root through the draw looking for scissors when you get home. They were easy enough to open the second you get back from shopping.

By the way, here is a picture of Moxie Girlz:$(KGrHqZHJBsE60e3wRcFBO1RJ)6...

Look closely at how the picture of the doll is positioned at the bottom of the box.

Now here's Skelita box:

Any similarities?

Justin said:

That packaging is an embarrassment.  It doesn't match any other MH product, doll or not.

It reminds me of Moxie Girlz and Moxie Teenz box art.

Well, I'm just gonna ignore the "Giving away the doll at the 9 year old just because" and go straight to YAY, Skelita! She looks pretty awesome, I can't wait to see more pictures :D


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