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So I was fortunate enough to get a Scaris Skelita doll for Christmas. However, after I took her out of the box I noticed that she had an interesting factory defect. It looks like her left hand has been folded inwards, almost like it was pinched! I love her regardless of this, as I've been wanting this doll for a while and it makes her pretty unique. I was just wondering if anyone has encountered a similar defect on any of their dolls? I wanted to know how common this particular kind of defect was. Thanks!

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It looks like it could have been done with an elastic being too tight. The plastic of Skelita's hands is very soft.

I have 4 Skelita dolls, they don't have this problem (but others... LOL... Glue seepage!!)

yeah that looks like elastic damage. If you boil her hand it MIGHT snap back into shape but it also might not.

I've seen a few MH dolls over the years with mangled fingers from elastics.

Thanks for the imput! This poor girl was in a box for roughly five years, so her hand could have been damaged. I'll see if that helps any! 

Poor Skelita, 5 years is a long time to be trapped!

3 of mine were second hand, they did not have to be delivered.

Spare hands and arms can be found on Ebay. Sometimes, I find spares in car boot sales. It can take a long time to find the right ones, I have to be (very) patient! I have never used boiling water on my dolls or their hair.

I hope you will find a way to fix her. It does not look that bad on the photograph.


I hope that if you boil her hand, the shape returns back to normal.

I was seriously considering that Ghoul Fair Elissabat doll, but I had second thoughts when I was thinking about the way that her hands can become misshapen because of the fact that she's holding that tray NRFB.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

That's a fair point. I thought it over and I decided to not try boiling it, it case it makes it worse. I'll see if I can find a replacement on ebay, but if not, I'm okay with leaving her as is. It's a minor defect, plus I actually think it makes her look pretty neat!

I know what you mean. I am not keen on using boiling water on dolls. I don't think I would use it. Definitely never on their hair! No way! LOL


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