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Is Sirena becoming an in-demand rarity? I feel like she's one of the few more recent dolls that's actually becoming more and more expensive and harder to find. She is a beautiful doll, and there's no contest as to her being the most popular Freaky Fusion.

Anyway, I found her Walmart today all by herself and marked down to $9 and felt like the luckiest guy ever! Ha I just feel like something about her is special and maybe other people are seeing that too as time goes on.

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Agree 100%.

My only complaint about Sirena is her bended tail. I wish she could actually fully stand up.

She is indeed the best Freaky Fusion and right now, she's the most interesting of all the mermaid characters.

Does she fit on a regular stand? I hate the way her tail folds out also. She's so short! I like her much better with her fin flipped forward.

Oh no, no, no my friend! Everyone makes the mistake of opening her fin to have her stand (thereby, as you said, making her very short). She's actually meant to stand and balance ON her tail without having to unfold it, so it looks like she's hovering. Give it a try - it works. You just have to find the right balance.

Even with the fin closed, she still remains shorter than the Great Scarrier Reef dolls, hence why she should have been made with a similar mold.

Well she came first, my opinion the GSR mermaids are bit too long. Especially Lagoona and Toralei.

They should redo her, so her body is like the dolls from the Great Scarrier Reef line. They look amazing with a long and unfolded tail.

Would she be at Big Lots if she was that rare? Just asking cause that's one place I see her, among others.

I would grab a couple of her if you see her that much, because she really is difficult to find. If you find leftover Freakys it's almost always going to be Bonita (or maybe Avea, more uncommonly), but nearly never Sirena. She's always quite pricey on Amazon and don't get me started on eBay.

Maybe I'll get a couple for trading fodder. Thanks for the info!

I haven't seen Bonita, but walked into Big Lots and picked up Avea and Sirena. Interesting.


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