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Hello, I'm new :)  I've looked around a bit but this is my first actual post. I have two different Sirena von boo dolls and their faces look different. I know some re-releases have different face malls but I didn't know this doll was released twice. I'm still kind of new to collecting.

 I haven't noticed this with any other dolls that I've had duplicates of . So I was just curious if anyone had any information on why this might happen? I think she's beautiful so I'm keeping both... also...I can't decide which face I like better ! Leaning towards the left, though

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*face molds

the right one???

I can verify that left is the correct one. I don’t know what’s going on with the right, but it looks

more like a bad paint job than a different mold. Or bootleg.

Could be that one is china and one is indonesia like with Spectra. If one factory was using a mold of a mold they would get different shrinkage which results in softened features and a slightly larger head (this is why Spectra has a softer mold with one factory I think)

Or it could be an optical illusion caused by the misplacement of her features (lower down her face and wider spaced) but it does look like the head might be actually fatter.

Of course forced perspective from a camera can do that too.

Check the backs of them and see if they're from different factories. They should say "made in china" or "made in indonesia" somewhere on them.

They were both made in Indonesia. I guess I'll just chalk it up to a bad paint job! Thanks for the info :)


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