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now sculpt baking clay on to the foot of the doll then bake it and you have a special doll shoe.

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I"ve seen tutorials on line where you make the base of the shoe the heel per-say like you want out of clay bake it and then use another material to make the rest of the shoe for it to stay on e.g. ribbon.

Thanks!I've been trying to forge my own shoes.

does it work?

I haven't done it myself but here are some ppl who made shoes and showed how they've done it...


Hope these give you some creative ideas!

This is good info, I can't wait to try some of these ideas. I'm working on a project now but, I want to make some platforms. Thanks for the links Sunnie!
Pls Share Pix when your done I'd love to see what you Ghouls Make!
Making your own shoes would give you more outfit variety and make you oc more yours. There really need to be more outfits sold that dont have dolls already wearing them. Like barbie has clothes that are sold by themselves.


I'm on a boot, shoe, and wig-making "kick" right now.   For the shoes and boots, I've been playing with patterns I found in  a couple of my old doll books  -  Making Costume Dolls by Hean Greenhowe (1972) and The Doll Book by Estelle Ansley Worrell (1966) 


The Greenhowe book patterns for the men dolls come pretty close (the sole is just a bit too short).  In a stretch fabric they'd probably fit.  By accident, I found that when I scanned and copied the patterns, and printed them as pictures rather than documents, by chance the pattern was enlarged just enough to fit the MH dolls.


I'm starting with these patterns.  I'll eventually try the women's patterns too, but I'll have to experiment with enlarging them to fit.   They're very simple patterns, so I probably can wing it, but if not, I can always experiment with my printer's enlarge function.


So far, I've only cut paper towel pattern pieces and fit them to the doll.   Next I'll experiment with felt and stretch vinyls.

hello i have a liv doll hayden beach theme she didnt come with shoes! >:( so im wondering if you guys can make a vid of how to make liv doll shoes monster high shoes fit but the kind of monster high shoes i have dont fit! >:(


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