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I'm not sure where to put this, so uncategorized it is!

I just got the Home Ick Frankie, and I noticed in her survival guide there is a sewing pattern and instructions for making a MH doll sized dress. I was wondering if anyone had tried this, and, if so, how did it turn out? I'd love to see pictures! I love sewing, and was actually going to start measuring and sizing to make my own MH clothing, but hey, if there is a free pattern, why not use that? ;)

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hmm.. never knew she came with I'm intrigued. I love sewing as well and I would love to know too. I don't have her but I may be on a mission to get her soon so I can try it out! :)
Thanks for the info!
I saw that! I was wondering that too, Im taking an after school sewing class lol! Maybe I will try it out :)
She comes with a sewing pattern?!  Oh maaaan, another incentive to spend more money...
Yeah, it's just for a basic tube dress, but I think it could be very easily altered. It has one panel for the front and two for the back, and it says you need a snap or velcro for a closer. I was really wondering if it had been made because it looks extremely small, but then, the dolls have very tiny figures, so I guess that makes sense XD
I wasn't going to buy any of the classroom dolls because I was afraid mattel would come out with a classroom multipack with an exclusive doll I would want but hearing this I might just buy Frankie when I have the money. 


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