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Selling Venus McFlytrap, Roller Maze kmart 2 Pack, Ghouls Rule, Sweet 16, Dot Dead Gorgeous Figures. Would also trade.

Here is what I have (all are new in box never opened):


Venus Mcflytrap

Ghouls Rule Draculaura x2

Ghouls Rule Clawdeen

Ghouls Rules Cleo

Dot Dead Spectra 

Dot Dead Lagoona R

oller Maze Kmart exclusive 2 pack Ghoulia and Abbey x2

Sweet 16 Clawd Wolf

Sweet 16 Frankie Stein

Original Draculaura

Original Spectra


I am willing to sell these OR trade for the following: Holt Hyde Gil Weber Howleen 2 pack

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How much are you charging for Venus?

Interested in 

Original Spectra

Venus Mcflytrap

Ghouls Rules Cleo

Roller Maze Kmart exclusive 2 pack Ghoulia and Abbey , will you sell just Abbey?

Sweet 16 Clawd Wolf

Original Draculaura

How much for the 2 pack


how much for 1 DDG Spectra?

Just want what I paid for her which was $30 total after shipping.  So $30 plus whatever sihpping to you is.  I can send loose if you want it cheapest... but NIB as well

Dragona13x said:

how much for 1 DDG Spectra?


What original Spectra is it? (grey or black earrings) and I'm also interested in the DDG Spectra.

How much are you asking?

Price for Venus if she is still available

The specta's are $31 each.  Orig spectra is the second release spectra.

ACtually I'm sorry.  Orig spectra is $31.  Dot Dead Spectra is $28. 

and then whatever shipping is. 

i am interested in

roller maze kmart exclusive 2 pack ghouila and abbey

dot dead lagonna and spectra

venus mcflytrap


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