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Selling Venus McFlytrap, Roller Maze kmart 2 Pack, Ghouls Rule, Sweet 16, Dot Dead Gorgeous Figures. Would also trade.

Here is what I have (all are new in box never opened):

Venus Mcflytrap

Ghouls Rule Draculaura x2

Ghouls Rule Clawdeen

Ghouls Rules Cleo

Dot Dead Spectra x4

Dot Dead Lagoona R

oller Maze Kmart exclusive 2 pack Ghoulia and Abbey x2

Sweet 16 Clawd Wolf

Sweet 16 Frankie Stein

Original Draculaura

Original Spectra

I am willing to sell these OR trade for the following: Holt Hyde Gil Weber Howleen 2 pack

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how much for ghouls rude clawdeen? :)

buahahaha that is funny XD im not even going to correct it haha

Robecca Steam said:

lol ghouls rude hehehe sorry that made me laugh so much

Hydra Dracona said:

how much for ghouls rude clawdeen? :)

Made me chuckle too hehe. 

Hydra I just pm'd cause they are in chat but I didn't see you on.. did you want both of the spectra's or just one?  If just one which do you prefer? They are the same price

lolol yes...she is pretty ghetto XD haha

I mostly just want to get back what I paid for her, so I could do $30 plus shipping.  And yea I can email you a picture for sure.    She is NIB but I can send her loose if you want to save on shipping. 

No prob.  Well wishes to your mom! :-)

What do you want for the roller maze pack?

sent a friend request

it depends... could you meet me in manhattan? cause if you could you could save on shipping cause i wouldn't need to mail it

Bump... still have some of this stuff for sale or trade have a few pending deals though

I pm'd you! :) 

monster boy said:

Bump... still have some of this stuff for sale or trade have a few pending deals though

Do you still have a Venus available?


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